Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sweets & Chocolates in a Wedding

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A Wedding event is celebrated with huge fun, flora and sentiments. Exchange of gifts, Invitation Cards, Sweets distribution to family members and guests are the normal rituals in any marriage. One has to check the contents and quality of these presents very carefully keeping in mind not only the taste of the guests but the latest trends in vogue. Distribution of Sweets and Chocolates on many wedding events is quite normal. Even the Wedding Invite is sometimes accompanied with delicious Sweets/Chocolates/Dry Fruits packed in a well decorated Gift Box.

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There are plenty of reputed vendors available around your city accepting bulk orders for such big events. They specialize in making exclusive sweets and chocolates/dry fruits and packing them in excellent Gift Boxes. Those gift boxes can be in line with Wedding Theme or made of unique fabric/wrapping so as to convey the feelings and emotions of the presenter to the recipient. It is like “Delivering Emotions” to your loved ones in the sweets box on those sacred occasions. These boxes can also be tailored in a way so that gifts express your hearty feeling and emotions that the senders want to show to their loved ones.
wedding sweets

A few new ideas like Stylish chocolate miniatures, luxury Swiss milk chocolate hearts and fun mini love heart rolls are just some of the sweets and treats you can think of to give to your esteemed guests. Sometimes, you also need to convey your gratitude or “Thank you” to the guests; a small token of your appreciation for their sharing on the special day. These sweets /chocolate gift boxes can easily serve that purpose with utmost grace.
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Little squares of delicious chocolate can be kept at the entry or reception tables to match your wedding themes. That shall prove to be a Great fun for any event by all assessments. Lots of variety in themed sweets, chocolates, dry fruits  and confectionary can be selected to make your gift box a unique one. Specialized vendors make fresh hand-crafted chocolates with unique designs which will add a special touch to your special day!
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Sweets or Mithai is no longer about the coconut barfis and laddoos. New age mithai is available across stores like Bikanervala, Haldiram and Evergreen along with a new line of mithai by a brand called Signature have offerings like custard-apple mithai, a rose-petal barfi,  a sandesh rose, or a walnut and cinnamon barfi.  Dry fruit rocks are innovative yet traditional at the same time. They are very easy to make. You can coat your favorite dry fruits with a layer of premium dark or milk chocolate, or get them sugar-coated. You can rather engage the services of a chocolatier to do it for you.
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You can also think of mini cupcakes which look not only adorable but cute as well. Just imagine a platter full of miniature, colorful delicacies at your wedding! With so many delicious cupcakes, your guests will not be able to resist taking a bite of them, along with feeding you.
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Miniature cookies will definitely steal the limelight at your wedding as these are not only  Flavorful but look pretty,. Your guests will forget about traditional laddoo and barfi, when they see these items. Chocolate chip, coconut crunch, tangy orange, sweet strawberry, are some of the flavors we recommend for an Indian wedding. But, you can definitely get creative and come up with some unique flavor for your wedding. You can also get creative with interesting shapes, say hearts, stars and letters!
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In a wedding, there are many a ceremonies and one would always like to bring in some uniqueness. Decorative Boxes filled with a variety of unique chocolates, cookies, brownies and dry-fruits can make it very different away from routine boxes filled with traditional sweets. All these different kinds of Sweets & Chocolates Gift Boxes, shall make your Wedding Events a memorable one in the minds of all the guests and they would like to replicate it in their own case as well…..
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