Monday, 7 November 2016

How to be a Bride in Contrast

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In an Indian wedding, the bride is also the center of attention. In any wedding event, all the eyes are on her. So she has to be very particular about what she wears, in what texture, color and designs? She has to keep in mind her own personality and latest trends and styles in the vogue so as not to look out of current fashion. One has to mix well our traditional culture with western trends so as not to give an odd appearance. An Indian Bride in her Exclusive Bridal Attire is always the cynosure of all the eyes around on her Big Day.

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The bride should be able to bring in elegance to her outfits-Be that a Saree, Lehanga or Wedding Gown. It’s a really very difficult task to decide exactly on the right dress but one has to discuss it with right people and sometimes with dress designers to get the right appeal factor in your dress.
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A bride can use fabric contrast by using two fabrics of different textures, color and design. If one fabric is a bit heavier than the other may be a lighter one. Use of two fabrics adds aesthetic & visual appeal to the dress to give an exclusive appearance altogether. You should be open to any new designs which are more eye catching making your outfit a dream dress in the eyes of onlookers around.
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Any dress with the use of proper lace work brings in additional glitter to your dress. That gives a classic look not only to the dress but to your personality as a whole. A dress may have lacy neckline and lace sleeves when worked with solid fabric. Right fabric makes all the difference and totally changes the look of a dress once ready to wear. Silk and Benarsi wear, once in appropriate contrast, add a new life to the dress.
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Use of velvet can add more richness to your dress as it is light weight and have very soft feeling. You can think of adding sequin with velvet to improve look and contrast. These two fabrics carry shine and rough touch to the outfit which goes very well on any wearer. Any dress made of these two fabrics need not cove your complete body else same may be used for smaller outfits like jackets or dupatta etc.
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The Hindu culture is so full of color and I love that this wonderful couple included that in their engagement shoot. They wore their traditional outfits and posed against structured backgrounds. This provided a lovely contrast in the colors and shapes of bright and flowy against muted and rigid; of cultural against modern. A trend that started among celebrity brides, now, affordable dress brands and dedicated mix and match collections have made it accessible to brides on any budget, without the help of a professional stylist.
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Not only can you add a little more style, colour and depth to your wedding palette, but choosing contrasting Bridal Wear is also a great way to cater for the different shapes, styles and colouring of your wedding party. You will definitely find yourself to be cynosure of all the eyes around making the evening a very special one for you, the Groom and all concerned.....

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