Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sweets & Chocolates in a Wedding

wedding sweets1
A Wedding event is celebrated with huge fun, flora and sentiments. Exchange of gifts, Invitation Cards, Sweets distribution to family members and guests are the normal rituals in any marriage. One has to check the contents and quality of these presents very carefully keeping in mind not only the taste of the guests but the latest trends in vogue. Distribution of Sweets and Chocolates on many wedding events is quite normal. Even the Wedding Invite is sometimes accompanied with delicious Sweets/Chocolates/Dry Fruits packed in a well decorated Gift Box.

Monday, 7 November 2016

How to be a Bride in Contrast

Bridal wear5
In an Indian wedding, the bride is also the center of attention. In any wedding event, all the eyes are on her. So she has to be very particular about what she wears, in what texture, color and designs? She has to keep in mind her own personality and latest trends and styles in the vogue so as not to look out of current fashion. One has to mix well our traditional culture with western trends so as not to give an odd appearance. An Indian Bride in her Exclusive Bridal Attire is always the cynosure of all the eyes around on her Big Day.