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Tips to Floral Decor in a Wedding

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When it comes to a fancy wedding, decoration plays an integral part. Decoration may include Lighting, Tent, Stage and Flower Decoration. As flower decor is an important part of any decoration, it is thus necessary to have the best vendors offering the best arrangement and designs. Floral designs usually change with time and hence it is necessary to adapt with those changes. One can even match Wedding Theme with the Flower Decoration to bring in a special ambiance in the whole settings.

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Flower selection is the next stage for any floral decor. Nowadays, both natural and artificial flowers are available in abundance and one can make prudent use thereof for different locations. Natural flowers gives you unique fragrance though their life is too short.  Your vendor has to ensure bringing fresh flowers on the same day of event so as to keep their freshness alive.
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A beautiful floral decor adds glitter to the whole event and makes a wedding venue more bright, attractive and vibrant. Expert vendors use innovative ways to arrange flowers in unique and artistic manner keeping current trends in mind. They can also customise floral decor with your Wedding Theme. Flowers have to be used right from the entry gate , passage till the main stage and wedding mandap. These are the key locations where maximum attention gets attracted and anr the center of main rituals and ceremonies.use of creative fabric and flowers combine can enhance the appearance of stage and mandap. Their walls, pillars  and ceiling have to be well decorated with flowers, petals and garlands.
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Many kinds of flowers are available to suit every pocket and taste. This includes Roses, Lily, Proteas, Orchids, Carnations, Scabiosas, Sweet peas, Tulips, Waxflowers, Sunflowers, Marigold, Rajnigandha, Mogra, Jasmines and Lavenders  etc. You can make a mix use combining their color and matching it with the stage fabric to give an exclusive look and feeling to the guests.
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The current trend is also to combine use of natural flowers with paper flowers. Many type of paper flowers are available in different colour and shades which can be matched with wedding theme also. So, you can make use of exotic flowers differently for each ceremony like Engagement, Ladies Sangeet, Sagai and Wedding. The coloured lighting can give very bright and soothing look to the whole settings in the evenings.
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While you decide on the floral decor, see that all the main areas of particular event gets due attention. Flowers, Ribbons, Bridesmaid Dresses etc must appear to belong in line & tandem. Also don’t plan all this on your own, Hire a Good Wedding Planner or Expert Flower Decorator in Delhi NCR for your wedding and enjoy at your very best.....
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