Sunday, 9 October 2016

Different Types of Dances in Weddings


In India, any marriage ceremony is celebrated in a grand manner as it happens to be a special occasion in both the families viz. Bride as well Groom. Typically, marriage functions comprise of many events scattered over a few weeks and months. Major events include Ring Ceremony, Roka, Mehndi, Sagai and of course the Big Day of Wedding itself. All the ceremonies are participated by all the close relatives, friends and guests. Any ceremony without Dance and Music loses its sheen and lacks fun & flora.


Every event is marked with normal custom and rituals besides arrangements for sumptuous food and beverages to entertain guests. Any such event is not complete without Sangeet and Dance Parties. Your guests while participating in the events also pamper them with fun and flora. They dance to the traditional and latest tunes to create unique ambience to the ceremony altogether.

Dances can be of many types suiting individual likes and preferences. A few of them are briefly outlined below:

Traditional Indian Dance:
Persons having liking with old and traditional music prefer these class of tunes and dance. They enjoy old golden lyrics with a touch of wedding atmosphere matching with the particular ceremony. Participants well prepare and rehearse in advance to give their best on the event day. Here one can like old Hindi melodies, Classical, Punjabi Bhangra, Dandiya, Garba, Lavani, Nautanki and lots of Folk Dances etc. Dance in old Hindi films was mainly modelled on classical Indian dance styles. Our country offers many kinds of Dances which may be selected for wedding events to give a different touch to the ceremony.

Folk dances in India retain significance as the expression of the daily work and rituals of different communities. These dances have their roots in religious and seasonal festivals that have become a background for such celebrations. These dances are mostly performed in groups and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Western Dance:
New generation is more attached to the latest and western tunes and songs. They are more inclined to those tunes to entertain themselves. Lots of options are available online to pick and choose your preferred Dance numbers to add glitter to the ceremony. New dance numbers from Bollywood also find prominent place in final selection. The types of dances here shall include Swing Dance, Rumba, Waltz dance, Salsa & Hollywood Dances.

Dance and Song Sequences have been an integral component of Indian films across the country. Modern films quite often blend this style with Western dance styles (Like MTV or in Broadway musicals), though it is not unusual to see western choreography and adapted classical dance numbers side by side in the same film.

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