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Checklist to Select Right Venue for a Wedding

Wedding Venue

Once your marriage date has been fixed up, the next most urgent thing is to finalise Wedding Venue. Main question arises about when & where to hold the marriage ceremony. Answer to these questions is not that easy. Gone are the days when marriages took place in the hometown of groom and bride and a nearby Dharamshala or school like location. But, now infinite wedding options are available and people give due thinking before finalising one.

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Sometimes, a marriage date may fall in peak marriage seasons when choosing right venue becomes an uphill task. That requires planning well in advance. On a single day alone, thousands of Marriages in Delhi NCR take place. Those days, all the leading venues are booked and at times people have to compromise and go to unwanted locations in order to solemnise the grand occasion.
Many factors determine the choice of right venue like:
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- Number of guests
-Wedding Theme, if any
- Indoor or Outdoor celebrations
- Weather conditions
- Buffet or sit-down food serving
-Your budget and family preferences
- Availability of requisite back up facilities like Power back up, car parking, music, fire safety etc.
- Requisite permissions from local authorities, wherever necessary.
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Presently, plenty of venues are available with different characteristics and you have to check on them carefully. Broadly, Following Types of Wedding Venues may be kept in mind while considering one for finalisation:
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- Banquet Halls
- Lawns with Banquets Halls
- Hotels & Resorts
- Farm houses etc.

Before deciding on the Wedding Venue, you must yourself visit the place and see it carefully keeping in mind if the venue fits into your scheme of things. You must also take references from friends and relatives about the worthiness of venue owner and its staff. Personal visit to the place will give you a clear idea as to how your expectations are being met with that particular kind of venue.
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Also, ensure to make venue booking in writing. Pay some advance ( Not 100%) to the venue providers and positively visit the site a day before and same day of event. Put someone sincere representing you at the venue on the day of event to keep a tab on the proceedings to make certain that Wedding Venue preparations are going in line with mutually agreed assignment.....
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