Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Things to consider while Short-listing Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

As we know, Wedding Planners are those people to whom you can outsource the proceedings of your wedding events. These planners are usually hired by people who are unable to handle all arrangements, people who want extra things in their weddings, and HNI or elite people wanting everything luxurious. At times, services of a good Wed Planner come quite handy and result in lot of savings in the form of time, cost and energy. You may be falling in any of these categories, and would find it easier to hand over this assignment to them.

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Like in the corporate world, where companies are sometimes exploited by outsourcing agencies, it is also possible in wedding world. Event managers today have become more inclined towards minting money than customer service. They usually charge a lot of money, but don’t deliver according to what has been paid. Adding to that, some wedding planners who are very popular charge extra money for their brand value. It is therefore important to correctly enquire about all the services which you wish to avail through them.
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We have shortlisted a few points for you to remember before signing up with a Wedding Planner:

1. Market Research: Before buying something, we tend to ask many people. The same principal applies in this case as well. Conduct vigorous market research of every thing before going to a wedding planner. If you find that something is cheaper buying directly than through wedding planner, go for it.

2. Make a List : After your market research, make a list of all those services that you wish to get it done from them. Try to avoid any unnecessary things. This list will help you in better negotiating with the wedding planner.
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3. Beware of attractive services: Many wedding planners try to sell attractive services such as special jaimala event, excessive designs, too many food items etc. These things per se may look very attractive but actually they are just considered as unnecessary show off. These things are only meant to extract money and don’t add any substantial value. But, if you wish to flaunt these things, then avails only after hard negotiation.

4.Vendor Research : Before signing up with the Wedding Planner, you should also carry out research on the vendors that the wedding planners is associating with. This gives you further surety of the services of the wedding planner.
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5.Look for Packages : Wedding Planners have different kind of pricing. Some charge on hourly basis, some on the basis of services, some on the days spent, and some offer comprehensive packages. Though it totally depends on you, but we would suggest to go for comprehensive packages. These packages have every thing pre defined with the planner less likely to breach anything. Also, packages are much more reasonable than all other options individually. We would also advise you not to ever consider hourly pricing, as it is the most ineffective option. Thus, make sure that you negotiate well before sealing the deal with the Best Wedding Planners in Town…..
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