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Top Foods Served in Weddings

Food serving in weddings

India is a vast country with different regional backgrounds and wide cultural mix. Different languages are spoken across many states and food variety is also different according to particular region.  There exists the tradition of amazing use of herbs and spices across these regions. Cooking style also varies between regions – south, north, east or west. That makes possible large assortment of delicious dishes to choose from for any solemn occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary or any other big event.

Similarly, our country is famous for multi cuisine availability in a large number of hotels and restaurants. Basis staple food remains the same like wheat flour, rice, lentils and gram etc. Gradually, Indian culture is borrowing from western cuisines also and lots of fast food joints have come up with international/MNC labels and those are also quite popular among young generation and children.

Broadly, in India, following kinds of traditional foods are much in the vogue:

North Indian/Punjabi Food


The food of north india and specially Punjab has an enormous variety of mouth-watering vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes. The spice content ranges about moderate. Punjabi food is usually relished by people from all regions. In this food, more emphasis is given on inclusion of pure ghee as its intake is also regarded as good for health.

Mughlai Cuisine


Mughlai cuisine is again one of the most sought after cuisines, whose origin can be traced back to  Mughal Empire. Mughlai cuisine consists of the dishes that are normally prepared in low flames for a longer period and that process brings a new taste and flavour altogether in the dish. Maa Ki Daal /Black Daal is one of such recipe which takes even 8-10 hours to cook but once ready, is liked by one and all.  This dish is found in all the marriage ceremonies and other big occasions.

Bengali Food


Bengali cuisine is appreciated for its liberal use of five spices, namely mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed, aniseed, and black cumin seed. These spices make the dish more tasty with a perfect blend of sweet and spicy aroma.

Rajasthani Food


The dishes from Rajasthan offer a wide variety of mouth watering food both in vegetarian and non –vegetarian segment . The spice content is quite high but the food is absolutely delicious. Rajasthani cuisine  use more of pure ghee for cooking in its dishes. Rajasthani food is generally  well known for its spicy dishes and mouth-watering sweets.

Gujarati Food


The traditional Gujarati food is essentially vegetarian but carries high nutritional value. The typical Gujarati cuisine consists of many lip smacking dishes. Gujarati dishes have an absolutely different cooking style and full of mouth watering taste and healthy ingredients.

South Indian Food


South Indian dishes are better known for its light, low calorie appetizing quality. The traditional food of South India is mainly rice based. The cuisine is famous for its superb combination of rice and lentils to prepare appetizing lip smacking items rasam, dosas- masala or plain, idlis, vadas, lemon rice, and uttapam. These items come in many variants and are being liked by all the people in the country.

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