Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tips to Choose Right Footwear for Weddings


Footwear selection for Bride and Groom happens to be an uphill task. They have to select right footwear for their Big Day. Not only the comfort but they have to keep in mind many other factors before making the final choice. One must therefore take due care before making final selection keeping in mind your liking, current fashion and comfort as well. Right footwear immensely enhance the personality of the wearer. Those are your dream shoes and everyone would want them to wear again, hence a few Tips may be kept into consideration while making the final choice:

Footwear for Weddings 1

See your own comfort
Firstly, one has to feel comfortable about shoes. You have to take shoes as if to walk down the aisle with them, posing for photographs, dancing with them and also walk around. Very high heels for bride may sometime play havoc both with comfort and the dress.

Select special pair
Your shoes especially for the brides must be visible to your guests to give an occasional glance to the wonderful pair of shoes you have chosen for the occasion. Those shoes should not be boring but must have a bit of classic style and latest trends as you will love them for years to come.
Footwear for Weddings 2

Wear them a lot before Wedding Day
You should never wear those shoes for the first time on the wedding day. Must make it sure to wear them at least for a couple of weeks on clean surface/carpet. That will make them worn a bit but moulded to fit your feet well before the D- Day.

Keep your Dress in mind
Your dress designer will definitely get to know the exact measurements of your selected shoes to make your Dress accordingly. You need to wear shoes in tandem with your attire to ensure right size and length thereof. That will avoid last minute panics seen quite often.
Footwear for Weddings 3

Think of getting your shoes Dyed
In case you couldn’t find shoes in exactly matching colour you desire, go for a dye in a variety of shades to match with the attire you have decided to wear on the bog day. Your shoes should never clash with the dress colours. You can also help in matching your shoes with the wedding Theme.

Venue requirements
Always keep in mind about the venue where you will have to walk frequently on the wedding day. That could be on carpet, grass, wooden surface or cemented/marbled flooring to .safeguard your shoes.
Gents Footwear for Weddings

Weather conditions
Weddings in winter, summer or rainy season will need different shoes to make you comforted on your D-Day. That will grant you requisite ease for the occasion.

Pampering your feet
Having a good pedicure before your wedding day makes your feet are soft and nails in great condition. They’ll be providing additional comfort on the bog day.

Finally, always practice, practice and practice walking in your Wedding Shoes and get used with them by your wedding day.

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