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Tips on Wedding Gifts

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An Indian wedding is celebrated with much galore and both the families use the occasion to accomplish their long pending wishes at their best. Every family member participate their best in every related event with fun and joy. During those events, gifts giving and receiving is a common feature. Exchange of Gifts take place quite frequently not only among close relations but between guests as well. In fact, gifts exchanging is the integral part of any marriage function to bring in additional joy and flora to those events.Any solemn occasion like a wedding is incomplete without exchange of gifts.


Marriages in our country are known for their pomp and show. Guests are treated as gods as the saying goes on “ Atithi Devo Bhava”. Our  marriages reveal this aspect with added lure and charisma. Exchange of gifts among two persons/families is a sign of expressing mutual joy, happiness and appreciation. While choosing the gift, many factors are to be kept in mind viz :

1. Who is the recipient – young/old or child
2. Nature of your relationship- relative, friend or guest
3. Nature of the occasion, and
4. Last but not the least, your budget.

Sometimes, people choose to exchange money/gift vouchers sealed in packets as a token of love and affection. There could be many gift ideas and you can go for any of them depending upon your own liking and budget:
jewelry gifts

This continues to be one of the most accepted options for a wedding gift. Not only parents but close relations and friends also choose this avenue to see their beloved wearing those gift items and recalling her relations with the person concerned. It leaves a long lasting impression in the minds of recipient also.  One can choose items like pendants, bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces. These items could be  in gold, diamond, platinum, Titanium, jade, precious stones, kundan etc.

Silver Wares
Apart from Gold/Diamond, Silver wears/items are also thought to be good gift option on an occasion like wedding. That looks auspicious as well on such a solemn occasion. Again there could be a wide variety of items made of silver like pen, glass, jewellery, coins, necklace, ring, bracelet, brooches, hair clips watches etc. As compared to gold, these items are cheaper and carry similar emotions.

Decoration Pieces
At times you are in fix as to what to choose? At this juncture, it is better to go safe and look for any decoration item like show pieces, handicrafts, vases, paintings, photo frames etc. Sometimes, handcrafted gifts are also much in the vogue in the present era.

Electronic Things
Alternate option could be choosing an  electronic items which can be of use in daily life. We know that newly wed have to start their life afresh in new surroundings and need to set their new home as a first priority. So, many items like mixer, food processor, electronic scrapers, juicer, toaster, television, music system, refrigerator, computer, computer accessories, mobile phones may serve your purpose easily. There may be a wide choice to select such items depending your budget and pocket.

Cash as token gifts
Cash also happens to be one of the quite prevalent gift options. Its best advantage for the recipient is that they can appropriate the same in the manner they feel comfortable. At times, the recipient is saddled with multiple gifts of similar items and sometimes he/she may not like the particular item. Cash gifts as a sagan solves this problem quite easily and the recipient is also happy and comfortable to spend it in the best manner he/she deems fit.....

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