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Indian Wedding Food

Wedding Food
An Indian Wedding is always celebrated in a grand affair. Apart from their lavish décor, pomp & show, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous and luscious food. A  wedding is measured incomplete without delicious food. In India, the arrangement of the wedding day food is normally done by the parents of the bride. The menu is mutually decided according to the taste and preferences of the groom's family as well. The groom's family is always given key importance and therefore, the preparation of the food is prepared in line with their preferences, in order to please them. 

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Over the years, the food for the wedding has been cooked by skilled and experienced cooks. However, people's preferences have been changing and they now prefer for professional catering services. One should not make this decision in the haste and rather think wisely. In case of catering services, the first thing to do is to decide the menu. The menu is decided keeping in mind your budget and taste. Once you decide on the menu and caterer, all the related arrangements are done by them. 
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Any wedding feast normally commences with starters and appetizers, which are served well before the main meal. These appetizers could be both vegetarian and non vegetarian to cater to all guest. It can comprise of traditional starter meals of the specific region the couple belongs to. In some weddings, drinks are also served. There are separate stalls for such beverages. The drinks which are usually served comprise of soft drinks, mock tails, cocktails, beer, wine and whiskey, etc. 
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After that comes the turn of the main course meal. The main course meal usually comprises of four to five vegetable dishes, including daals, mix vegetables, pulao and different kinds of breads. This is complimented with various salads counter. Normally, the main course meal is  in harmony with the culture and region of the couple. It may comprise of both the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. This meal is the grandest of all and showcases the best delicacies found in any cuisine. 
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Once the main course meal is over, the guests turn towards desserts stalls. Desserts are sweet dishes, which are served to ease the spicy and tingling taste of the main course. The sweet section comprises of traditional items depending upon the ethnicity of the families. However, the seasonal sweets and ice creams are always given preference as they are liked by all due to their universal popularity and appeal. Subsequently, the Indian wedding feast comes to an end with serving Paan. This is prepared by stuffing a betel leaf with betel nuts, spices and other ingredients as per the individual taste.

Any wedding reception for sure is organised, keeping in mind, all the basics of the Indian Wedding Food, as enumerated hereinabove.
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