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How To Choose Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites

No sooner the date of a marriage has been finalized, one has to immediately think of invitations to be sent to relatives, friends and guests.  Both the families start preparing the list of all those guests to whom wedding card has to be sent. It the endeavor of all to send invitations well in advance so as to block that particular date in their calendar and also think of preparations from their side.Wedding Invites leave a lasting impression on the recipient to make him decide his/her intentions on blocking the date(s) for participating in big ceremonies. So, one has to give due attention to this important part of wedding rituals.

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Since the time immemorial this culture of sending invitations is in the vogue and therefore both the families get activated on this aspect while making other preparations as well. The host has to decide the kind of look their card has to carry. Normally, a traditional look with Lord  Ganesha image and a few religious slokas/couplets also find place in the invitation card matter. Additional images of other deities are also published depending upon one’s faith in other gods and goddesses.
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Both the families get in touch with their printer/ designer to get the requisite number of cards printed. They have to finalize paper, its finish, color combination, shape, design and size of the cards as well as fabric to be used. Wedding theme is also kept in mind while taking the final call. The contents of invitation card normally comprise of wedding date & schedule of events, names of the bride and groom, their parents/grandparents  names, address, contact  & venue details and names of their close family members and a mention of their business establishments etc. Wedding Budget is also kept in mind while finalizing invitation cards.
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The card may take many shapes and pages depending upon preferences of particular individuals. Each card has to have Lord Ganesha image and preferably with a few auspicious symbols and signs like om, swastika, kalash and images of Radha Krishna, goddess Lakshmi etc. 
Wedding Invite

These cards once printed, first copy thereof has to be placed in Temple and then exchanged between the families of bride and the groom. One new trend is emerging to put photographs of bride & groom on the cards in order to get a personalized effect. Further, a route map slip is also put inside to facilitate guests to locate & reach at the venue comfortably.
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