Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue


Once your marriage date has been finalized, the next important thing is to think of right venue for celebrating the wedding.  Wedding Venue selection is considered very significant decision which must be taken at the earliest. Many decisions are to be taken only after the venue has been finalized. You have to see not only the prime convenience of both the family members and guests but other factors like number of guests, budget, personal preferences, weather conditions etc are to be taken into account. A good venue always serves the purpose like half the battle won. You have to duly deliberate among all concerned before zeroing on the final venue and number of guests have to be finalized immediately which can change your venue options available.

The choice of venue may be from many options like:

1. Hotels & Resorts
2. Farmhouses
3. Banquet Halls & Lawns etc.

Lot depends upon the weather conditions e.g. during summers open Lawns, Resorts and Farmhouses look better option. An adjacent hall with air-conditioning will complement just to cater to the guests in a better way. In rainy seasons, indoors like Banquet halls happen to be the best choice. Nowadays, all these options are available around your city but you must close on the final location at the earliest possible. During   peak marriage seasons, it becomes very difficult to book the right venue unless decision is taken well in advance and booking amount paid in advance to venue owner.

Nowadays, people also don’t mind experimenting with different venue options. That brings in an element of uniqueness which your guests will surely like. One can also think of different Themes for their marriage. Further, Destination Wedding  are also in the vogue now and options to choose from  may be like marriage on beach/cruise, Temple weddings, Royal weddings in ancient Forts etc. Destination weddings brings in additional flavor to the ceremony as your guests can enjoy local surroundings and cuisine at its best. That would also be away from the hustling bustling of city life and pollution/traffic jams etc. One thing to remember that in such a case your budget will be much higher as compared to local venues since you will have to take care of the Hotel bookings and Travelling expenses for your guests.

You have to also ensure that the proposed venue has all the basic amenities like power back up, air-conditioning, security, water and washroom facilities. One must try to take references of venues from close relatives and acquaintances in order to assess their antecedents properly. You must also make it a point to personally visit the venue before finalizing and talk to the concerned people. A visit on the eve of main wedding day is also a must to check that everything is under control and in line.

This way you can make sure that keeping in view all the factors, you have made the right choice of Wedding Venue to make it a smooth sailing till the end of all ceremonies.For updates on Our New Posts, Join our Facebook Page: