Thursday, 1 September 2016

Bridegroom Suit & Attire


At every Indian wedding, primarily the bride is the focus of attention. But, of late, Grooms also don’t lag behind and they are also very particular on their attire, looks and persona. People around also keep their eyes on groom, his appearance and looks. The groom therefore has to be very attentive and particular while making choices on his attire and accessories he is going to wear/adore on the big-day. A wide variety of Wedding Suits for Groom Wear is easily available in the market and you can find your choice if planned in advance.


Indian Wedding is a very special occasion for any would-be-groom and he must be very careful in selecting his wedding suit. Wide range of these suits is available in market keeping in view their fabric, design, and color and price range in mind. You can get ready-made suits as well as can go for stitch-to-wear option to ensure desired customization.

Your first choice has to close on the color of your wedding suit. Many color options could be Grey, Blue, Off-white, Ivory, Brown, Cream or Mustard to choose from. For the weddings taking place in summer season, go for lighter cool fabric and vice versa for winters. For winters, the fabric has to be in the woolens to ward of that chill.

Next thing to decide on is the design. Different options like 3 buttoned suit or double breast jacket may be preferred ones. You can button the suit or leave as per your taste and personality.  In case you are going to get you suit stitched then search for the reputed and skilled tailor and keep time provision for trial etc. Suit stitch can easily take even a month or more during the peak marriage seasons.

Groom Wedding Suit may be a conventional one or an Indo-Western or Jodhpuri to have a princely look. Due attention is also to be given on the overall attire comprising coat, trouser and the vest. One can also choose a Nehru jacket with a stand up Nehru collar. The rich use of embroidery and zardozi work can make the look more royal and unique.
Groom Suit

Apart from the conventional suits you can also go for Jodhpuri or Prince suits for yourself. It usually consists of a coat, trouser and matching vest. This highly traditional and ethnic dress reflects the true culture of India. The length of the jacket is similar to that of the suit and has a stand up Nehru collar. The vest and the jacket are given a royal by the use of embroidery, zardozi etc. The inner shirt of the suit is essentially Nehru style and is its trademark. They are available in a number of colors, design and size to cater to specific tastes.
Groom Suit1

So, with slight planning, you can easily choose right kind of wedding suit as part of ideal Indian Groom Wear to mark the occasion in the right perspective.

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