Monday, 8 August 2016

Wedding in a Resort

Wedding in a Resort7
When we start planning our wedding, the first thing we have to decide is the venue. It is the second most important thing soon after finalization of the wedding date. This is because wedding venues are subject to advance bookings and sometimes is very difficult to get booking especially during peak marriage seasons. Hence, people are forced to book their venues well in advance to avoid any last minute glitch. This decision is one of the most important one and people organizing a wedding have to take a right call well in advance and to avoid any last minute problems. Many options are available to choose a venue and therefore one must properly consider all the respective pros and cons.


As venues are something to be decided in advance, it is also important to book your caterers and decorators simultaneously. Some venues also have their own arrangements for catering and decoration. Such venues may include Hotels, Resorts and luxurious clubs. As far as Hotels & resorts are concerned, they prove to be the most convenient option if we go into details. We have shortlisted a few differences between Hotels/Resorts and individual Lawns which would help you to make the right call.

1. Convenience: Hotels/Resorts offer great convenience as compared to individual lawns as they are easy to decorate and organize everything in-house. Individual lawns may require coordination between different service providers and close supervision of them as well.

2. Price: You may find private caterers and decorators charging much less than a Hotel/Resort. But, the packages which Hotels/Resorts provide are much more reasonable. Many a times it has been seen that the cost of organizing everything in case of a lawn is not that cheaper vis a vis Hotel/Resort. It costs almost the same as case of a Hotel/Resort.

3. Packages: In an individual lawn, you may have to deal with different service providers with different prices. On the other hand, Hotels/Resorts have comprehensive packages which include almost everything.

4. Efficiency: A private caterer hired in an individual lawn may be less efficient and professional than Hotel/Resort’s in-house staff. In many cases it has been seen that workers of these private caterers are less educated and professional. Hotels/Resorts, on the other hand, have professional workforce who focus on providing high standards of service quality and efficiency.

Considering the above points, Hotels/Resorts may be a favorable option than organizing everything on an open space or lawn. There are many plus points coming with this option too.
Though it depends totally on the budget of organizers but we would suggest you explore the option of Hotels/Resorts, as they not only come with better quality but also carry well established set & higher standards all around.

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