Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Visual Appeal of Food Served in a Wedding

A typical marriage ceremony in India encompasses through many weeks and sometimes months. Any wedding comprises of many mini events till the main wedding date. On all these events, an effort is made from both the sides to present delicious and sumptuous food to leave a lasting impression on the guests. Caterers are instructed well to prepare mouth-watering dishes to make a memorable feeling on one and all. We all eat with our eyes first. That means the first impression of food served immediately when it’s on the counter.

Any food item served must have a visual appeal in the eyes of people around. This gives the very first impression about the flavour, ingredients and texture of a particular food. So, presenting your food is basically an art which must be known not only to you but to your caterer also.Both the sides- Bride & Groom spend good time in deciding the Menu for each event and servings thereat. Food presentation must find a special place in your mind and must be treated with due care.

Proper decoration & right spread on dishes is a must to give a particular dish a unique appearance. Even the sauce and garnishing has to be finalized keeping in view nature of the dish and timing as well. People nowadays like healthy options like fruits and fresh juices. Many imported fruits like Thai guavas, blueberries, Saudi dates, apples etc. are easily available which will definitely attract attention of your guests. Even main course may be served with dishes made of organic food with proper labels used around them.

Few caterers have their own unique way of customizing style of plating and presenting. Good chefs have experience of serving food in big hotels and are therefore exposed to current trends and people’s liking on this. Even the wedding theme may be combined with food dishes to match with the ambiance around.

Food shape also plays an important role in its serving. Like in some cases viz. snacks and sweet dishes, a new trend has emerged to serve in Finger Food or small pieces cut in one single intake to save on wastage. Even guests may like to taste many dishes which is facilitated with Finger food serving concept. Such serving may find different shapes like round, oval, square, triangle or rectangle. Color and designer plates may be used to present such foods to add new texture. Many eminent Caterers in Delhi NCR may come up suggesting new ideas and current trends in food serving to enable you to do customization easily as per your mind, taste and preferences.

This way one can really enjoy a Wedding Ceremony while leaving an everlasting impression on your guests for all the times to come.

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