Friday, 26 August 2016

Indian Wedding Music


Indian Marriages are always performed in a grand manner.  Typically, they comprise of many events like Engagement , Roka, Ring,  Mehandi,  Ladies  Sangeet,  Sagai, and of course,  the main wedding day. Music plays a vital role in all these ceremonies and without it the events appear incomplete.  Music adds much needed glitter to the events and all the guests around enjoy the ceremony while dancing to the latest tunes and hit songs.Through music, people easily express themselves and their emotions in a much better way. A Wedding, as we all know, comprises of many touching moments of lifetime and music facilitates in expressing emotions in the right perspective. Any marriage brings feeling of joy, happiness and pain and music helps in converting these feelings in perfect shape and expressions. Family members, relatives and friends of both the families play music on these many events and celebrate the occasion with much joy and gaiety.


Normally, major events take place about 10-15 days prior to the wedding date. Many rituals are performed in line with established customs and traditions in both the families. Music comes to the rescue of one and all to organize these events as per their liking and preferences.  In Indian weddings, wedding music is a mixed bag of Traditional; Folk, Contemporary and latest Indo-western tunes depending upon individual liking. Ladies Sangeet ceremony is an exclusive occasion where all the family members and guests join to celebrate by playing different musical tunes and dancing takes place on those popular numbers.

Wedding music is also the means to tease bride and groom, cracking jokes to add extra fun to those events. In the Mehndi ceremony, ladies of the families play songs and dance on the Dholak  beats. In the process they all bless would-be-couple for their happy and prosperous married life.

On the main wedding day, normally the services of  Wedding DJ and Musical Events Organizers is taken to celebrate the occasion in a grand style. Baraat with the groom also arrives at the venue dancing on the popular songs played by Wedding Band. A dance floor is also specially set up to let the guests participate and enjoy while pampering them with the sumptuous food and beverages being served around.

Once the Jaimala, pheras and reception ceremonies are over, time comes for the vidaai ceremony. This moment is full of joy and emotions and has its own set of songs.  Many such songs conveying the separation of the bride from her family are played. These songs help in true reflection of the family members of the bride. All the people around express their feelings in the best possible manner to mark the sacred and solemn occasion of the wedding.

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