Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How to Manage Wedding Budget


An Indian Wedding involves lots of events and extravaganza too.  Both the families try to organize various marriage functions in a grand and gala manner. In the process, lots of wastage and undue expenditure also take place. One can with a bit of prudent planning, limit these expenses so that you don’t end up spending extra post the marriage ceremonies. You can play a bit safe and in an economic manner so as to save significant money in the end.In a marriage, there are many activities which can be either outsourced or arranged cheaper with the same results. At times, at many stages in a marriage, you can take a call to organize certain things in-house through your own personal resources instead of shopping around. Expenditure on many activities can be substantially cut without feeling a pinch of it. 

You can follow this rule in case of activities which are summarized below for ready reference:

Invitation Cards

You can add personalized touch to your wedding invitation cards with a bit of creativity. You and your friends, if proficient on arts can make hand-made designer cards at home itself. Just buy card paper and envelopes and then with the help of requisite colors, you can make those invitation cards. The recipients will also appreciate while getting a personal feeling and touch.


In case you have long list of guests then you can opt for sending e-invites to them. Nowadays, most of the people are net savvy and you can also make vibrant designed invitations to be sent via e-mail process.

Wedding Dress

We all know that these dresses are too costly. Most of them are worn only once like heavy Bridal Lehanga or GroomSherwani etc. these outfits may cost you a bomb on outright purchase basis. Instead, you can go for getting these Wedding Dress on Rent which will just cost not more than 10% of the cost if buy option is chosen.
wedding jewels


Likewise, wedding jewelry comprise of many heavy items which otherwise are worn very sparingly. Those are just consigned to the cupboard or bank locker forever. Besides, the cost thereof is also very high. Now, many kinds of artificial designer jewelry are also available on rent. Look wise that is even better that the real jewelry. You just end up paying nominal rent and  post marriage, save significantly on money.

Sweets and Chocolates

In any wedding, sweets distribution among relatives and friend take place many times. Instead of buying straight from renowned sweets shops, you can go for home made sweets and chocolates with the help of experts available within your family or just outsourced such experts. Even your family members will not shy helping you in making and packing them in colorful boxes.


In every family, you can find persons having interest in amateur photography. So, instead of hiring the services of a professional photographer, you can ask your acquaintance(s) to come forward and carry this task. We hope that he will come forward happily as part of a fun filled exercise too. Alternatively, you can hire a professional expert on exclusive events like the main wedding day and on other small events, you can rely upon own arrangements.


Part of the wedding decor can be taken care in-house. You can go for a mix of fresh & artificial flowers and decorate in vases or hanging mode. Empty glass jars and bottles can be used to lit colored candles/electric lamps around to get a unique look and feeling.

These Tips will enable you not only to save huge money but also infusing a personalized touch to your Wedding Events to be cherished by one & all.

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