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How To Find A Right Match

The very step for your wedding is finding the right match for yourself. It may not be a problem if you are going for a love marriage, but in case of an arranged marriage, it definitely takes some time. You and your family start searching for your right match once you are well settled in your career. It is thus a daunting task to figure out the right proposals, evaluate and shortlist them.Sometimes, it is very hard to find a suitable match if you are above 30 years of age or are not settled in your life. The respective situations of each person may differ. Though it is necessary to find the right person who can accept you whosoever you are. In the past, it used to be pretty difficult when only family members used to search for possible matches. 


But, now with the technological advancement, it has become much easier. There are numerous platforms where you can find right match for you. Some of you might want to go for arranged marriage websites, and some for dating websites.

You can look for the following suggestions to find the right match for yourself:

Matrimonial Websites

As we all know, that some matrimonial websites are very popular such as Bharat Matrimony, Simply Marry, Times Matrimonial, etc. These websites have a large database of single people desirous to get married and cater to almost everyone. They also offer chatting services on paid basis to have a word with your prospective match. It is most widely used medium today.

Dating Websites

It may be something borrowed from the west, but is gaining popularity day by day. Some people prefer to have a romantic relationship before tying the knot. Dating Apps such as Truely Madly Deeply, Tinder etc. Are becoming famous in india now. These Apps register only those people who verify them with their contact and professional details, hence making a more genuine than other similar websites.
Marriage Brokers

These are the people who act similarly like any other broker. They charge their brokerage from all their clients to find the right match for them. After collecting the database, they try to make relations among their clients. It may be a great option but it also comes with some risks. Sometimes it has been seen that brokers run away after taking away money. So, never ever give huge advance amount to them. Hence, make sure that you have track record & history check of such brokers.

Ads in Print Media

You can choose another option like advertising in leading newspapers and magazines in their matrimonial columns. Major newspapers in the league are Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

Family Relations

One yet other option may be fix matrimony matches through recommendations among family relations and friends. This happens to be most reliable option as some known person is between both the family members giving better comfort while finalizing.

These above option(s) will surely help you in finding the right match and arranging your wedding.
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