Sunday, 28 August 2016

Groom Welcome in a Wedding

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An Indian Wedding is recognised by Baraat- Marriage Procession representing the Groom, his family members and friends. In a Baraat, the groom starts from his house riding on a Ghori in a procession with Wedding Bands and Fireworks.  This ritual takes place after the Tika/Ghurchadi ceremony. In this procession, all the guests keep on dancing to the latest and hit tunes of bollywood songs. The whole atmosphere is charged up with loud Music, Band, Baaza and Fireworks.All the guests are also in great mood and enjoy every bit of those exclusive moments and rituals from both the sides.


On the other hand, the bride’s family eagerly awaits at the wedding venue about the arrival of the Baraat. Generally, baraat takes long time to arrive as all the guests including relatives are busy dancing and teasing each other. Bride’s side anxiously wait for baraat arrival. Even when the baraat is nearing entry point, the procession gets further charged up. Baraatis keep on enjoying with much fun at that time.

Baraat then gradually moves inside the wedding venue. It is then taken towards the main stage erected for the purpose of Jaimala ceremony.  On arrival, the baraat is warmly welcomed by bride’s family members with Tilak/Garlands. These customs are filled with joy and excitement and hard to miss being an integral part of the overall wedding. The procession finally reaches the main stage. Baraatis are also greeted with welcome drink and snacks all around.

Here, the bride’s mother performs aarti and applies Tilak on the Groom’s forehead. At this time, both the family members exchange greetings and even tease each other in a jovial mood. This occasion gives the close family members to interact and strengthen the mutual bondage further. Once these rituals are completed, the Groom party heads for next ceremony.

For all would-be-grooms, it is now time to get all set for your grand & splendid welcome at the bride’s place.

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