Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fruit juices- A Health Magic

Everyone wishes to look young and vibrant especially would-be-couples. You have to be very conscious on what you eat and what your daily life style is. There are certain fresh juices which gives extra energy to the body besides nourishing with many nutrients. A few juices you can make part of your daily routine are briefly explained below. That will not require big money or time to focus thereon and is really very easy to follow. These are the natural remedies to keep your Health and Physical Fitness in place. You also get immunity from many diseases once you start taking fresh fruits/juices as part of your daily  routine. This is not a too difficult ritual to follow:

Orange/Mausambi  Juice
Orange has a good amount of vitamin C which helps keeping your skin glowing and acts an immunity booster. This also helps keeping skin texture intact and maintain as wrinkle free.

Pomegranate Juice
This is another wonder juice not only nourishing your skin but brings extra energy and immunity to your body and internal system.

Watermelon Juice
This juice is another wonder fruit juice full with vitamin A and antioxidants.  It’s very light by virtue of having high water content. Watermelon can be eaten directly also and it acts as natural toner for your body.

Carrot Juice
Carrots are full of Bita carotene and potassium. It helps in getting rid of acne and pimples and brings in a fresh glow on the skin.

Apple & Beetroot Juice
This is a sort of vanity drink and will do wonders if carrot is also added therein. This juice brings in extra energy to your body and maintains your face glow for your big day.

Lemon-Ginger Juice
This combination of lemon and ginger works as a miracle juice. It brings in extra glow and fresh look to your skin. This mix also detoxifies the body toxins and improves your body immunity power to fight with many ailments.

You must make it a routine in your daily lifestyle by following above intake of fresh juices. That will certainly keep your skin glowing and bring elegance in your overall persona on the Big Wedding Day.

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