Monday, 25 July 2016

Tips to Tackle Heat Stroke

During Summer Season, we all face acute weather conditions. Temperatures outside is over 40 degrees Celsius and there is every likelihood of getting heat stroke. It may occur when our body is unable to regulate temperature and may at times calls for an emergency.  If not given due care, heat stroke may even be a life threatening emergency. Sometimes, even the proper medical care doesn’t result in immediate positive response.

Heat stroke
Main symptoms of Heat Stroke:

1.      High Body Temperature,
2.      Less sweating
3.      Nausea & Vomiting
4.      Fast rapid breathing
5.      Severe restlessness/anxiety
6.      Headache and weakness
7.      Dizziness
8.      Heat exhaustion

Heat stroke
One must take due care to keep any heat stroke symptoms and remain duly hydrated. Any sort of dehydration can be a cause of heat stroke. As precaution, one must use umbrella and also avoid going out during peak day hours when sun rays are at its peak. The main sign of dehydration is the dark yellow colour of urine. One must keep drinking at least 2-3 litres of water and other fluids like fruit juices, Lassi, Chhachh, Aam Panna etc.
One may take following precautions to combat Heat stroke:

1.     The patient must be moved to a cool place/under shade.
2.      Person concerned must be exposed to light clothing and maximum air movement.
3.   The body of concerned person must be given cold water sponging to bring down temperature. Ice packs can also be applied on body parts to keep the patient cool.

4.   Patient must avoid beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol. Smoking is also a strict No for the concerned person.
5.      Onion and Mint leaves juice can also have positive effects in our efforts to ward off heat stroke.

Many parts of our country have yearly ritual of high temperatures during summer. One must therefore keep adequate care to keep Heat Stroke away and remain Physical Fitness at its best.

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