Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer Tips for Better Lifestyle

Presently, the intense summer season is around the corner and one may be having extra exposure to the sun. One has to be very careful to take minimum care to combat heat and ultra violet rays of the sun which can do much harm to your body and inner feelings. You have to be a bit prepared to follow strict daily rituals to keep yourself active and vibrant during this season and maintain Physical Fitness.


Here are a few Tips one can follow to live life king size in summers:
1.   Have more Fruits intake: During summer, you must eat more fruits to keep freshness and maintain energy levels. Watermelon can do wonders as it contains water only.

2.  Increase Water intake: Always keep your body duly hydrated by having at least 10 glasses of water every day. Carry a bottle of water along when going outdoors.
3.   Keep away from Pollution: In summer, pollution levels are on high. So, be cautious if you have asthma or respiratory problems.
4.  Have more Vitamin C: Taking Nimbu Paani is a great drink in summer. That keeps your immunity levels high and energizes the whole body.

5.  Wear Cotton: During this season, wear light and cotton clothes only. Also choose loose fitting attire to keep yourself naturally cool. Right Family Clothing will make a big difference.
6. Limit Alcohol: In summer, consume alcohol only moderately as it can result water leach from body fluids. Instead go for more seasonal fruits/juices.

7.     Sound Sleep: Make it a rule to go to bed early and become an early riser too. Have cold water bath before going to bed to have sound sleep.
8.    Use Sunglasses on outings: Wear sunglasses when outdoors as direct sun-rays contain ultra violet rays which are very harmful for the body.
Happy couple

With these few Tips, one can enjoy life even in summer and feel equally active & vibrant too. Not only the Bride and the Groom but all the family members can follow these routines to look after them and enjoy life king size.......

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