Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Strong Heart For Physical Fitness

Current lifestyle of people at large is extremely busy and all of us are under tremendous pressure all the time. These pressures could be from work side, health side, and family side and so on. Even young generation of today is getting undue stress and therefore one must need to counter it as well at the earliest before it takes adverse form. Hypertension generally relates to high blood pressure which needs cure to prevent side effects.

One can have hypertension in the silent form for years. This is a medical terminology where a person has high blood pressure in the arteries carrying blood to the heart. A normal person must have 120/80 as the perfect blood pressure but up to 130/90 happens to be within tolerance range. Uncontrolled BP can result in serious health problems including heart attack and stroke.

Every person must keep on checking his/her BP at least once in six months and in case of any abnormality can take remedial steps and medicines as advised by the doctor. There are a few simple life style routines which every one of us must try to follow to keep Hypertension/BP at bay:

Ø  Eat a healthier diet with less salt and sugar.

Ø  Have more quantity of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily intake.

Ø  Do exercise and yoga daily.

Ø  Morning walk coupled with a brisk walk for at least 30-40 minutes a day keeps your heart stronger.

Ø  You must quit smoking, sooner the better.

Ø  Alcohol intake must also be reduced or avoided. Instead go for fruit juices having much better positive health effects.

Ø  One should also keep on checking his/her weight regularly. Obese persons are easy targets for such ailments.

Ø  Last but not the least; you must follow stress management techniques to keep your mental state of affairs in positive trajectory.

With above life style changes, anyone can aspire to keep their heart strong in order to ensure PhysicalFitness.

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