Monday, 18 July 2016

Right Food as Beauty Secret

All of us - male or female wish to have perfect health to look smart and active. Brides and Grooms of today are getting more conscious of their Food Habits and Exercise Routines in order to get desired results. Everyone wants to look more attractive than others and for this one has to make his daily food intakes a mix of healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Sometimes, people forget about inner strength and beauty and just emphasize on outer beauty by using quick fix solutions. But these measures are only temporary and not permanent.

It is always better to go for permanent solutions to make your skin, body, health in shape that will synchronize your mind in tandem to bring in extra glow and elegance to the overall persona. A balanced diet routine will keep you duly nourished throughout lifetime and you will be able to enjoy life king size. You just need to know the benefits of a few food items to nourish your inner body for desired results:

v  Water: keep your body duly hydrated with at least 3 litres of water intake every day. Proper water intake keeps your skin moist and soft as well. Besides plain water, add fruits like water melon, orange, lime juice and cucumber in your daily diet.

v  Almonds: This is a wonder dry fruit with immense nutrients. Almond is full of vitamin E and anti-oxidants to make your skin healthier. This also improves blood circulation and immunity regimen in place. Almonds are also known to control cholesterol level and safety against growing diabetes menace.

v  Onions & Garlic: Onions are full of sulphur which helps bringing glow to your face. It also prevents pimples growth. Onion is full of vitamin A, C and E and works as a guard against excessive sun exposure too. Garlic is another wonder food improving immunity from many disorders.

v  Mango: Mango is also called a king of fruits. It’s full of vitamin A and brings in shine and glow to your skin. Besides eating, its paste can be applied on face mixed with honey /milk which helps in removing dead cells and will ensure extra glow on the face.

v  Fish/Milk products: Fish intake provides better skin care and controls pimples growth, skin acne and irritation. Vegetarians can go for milk products to get similar benefits along with lentils in their daily food. Lentils are full of many vitamins, protein and nutrients.

All these small initiatives shall provide your body much needed support and strength while enhancing your personality. Every Bride and Groom must adhere to these measures to have desired Physical Fitness. That will ultimately synchronize with your mind and your inner feelings shall give permanent shield to your outer appearance.

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