Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nourishing Salad Corner at Weddings

Indian Marriages are usually a grand affair. These are solemnized as part of lifetime wishes not only for the Bride or Groom but for all their relatives and friends. An Indian wedding comprises of many events scattered for many days /weeks before the arrival of big day. At all these ceremonies, both bride and groom are busy performing many rituals as per traditions and ancient culture they come from.

fresh salad 1
During those events, the host has to make all the arrangements including venue decoration, lighting, seating and last but not the least catering. Guests are served with Sumptuous Food and Beverages so as to win their heart besides leaving a memory in their minds for their lifetime. People today have become very health conscious and are very particular while pampering them at such big events.
fresh salad

People now are quite hesitant to go after oily and fried dishes. Instead they look at the Salad counters in case the servings are in line with healthy ingredients. Any food starts with salad choices and if the host has offered wide variety with fresh salad of fruits and veggies, the guests shall surely make maximum intake there, followed by a little bite of main course. Live salad counters are happening as the latest trend in Indian weddings to greet guests.

Live salad counters provide customized handpicked veggies/fruits in front of the guests, exactly meeting their liking. Those counters may be separate to cater to vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. Guests always prefer healthy salads with low fat dressings to keep away from gaining those extra kilos during rush wedding seasons. Different kinds of health drinks made live of fresh fruit combinations go for much demand at these occasions.

Many kinds of salads are in big demand viz. kiwifruit prawn salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, Burghul salad, Tandoori Chicken salad  and mixed fresh fruit salad etc. The new trend is to set up salad station to serve homely and healthy servings made lively and customized to your respective taste and preferences. Tofu and yogurt are also one of the main ingredients of these salad servings.

Salad servings make the only freshest delight on your guest’s platter at any weddings. This way, you can beat your main menu and make your salad counters livelier and sought after. Your guests shall find it more appealing and shall keep those memories in their mind for a long time to come. It also makes your servings to be more Healthyand Nutritious signalling your guests as to how much you care for them.

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