Friday, 15 July 2016

Getting Rid of Pimples

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Every person, man or woman, face pimples problem at least once in his/her young days. In some cases this problems take very abnormal turn and even many treatments fail to curb it. Teenagers sometime find a bit difficult to control pimples and it obstructs in proper Facial Care also. Besides, pimples leave mark on the face which may be difficult to remove at a later stage.

Pimples also come in the way of your makeup especially for any bride-to-be. She will definitely get worried looking for faster solutions. Teenagers, boys and gils both, encounter this problem resulting excess oil on the facial-skin leading to the growth of pimples.
A few home remedies may prove to be effective in getting rid of pimple-problem and having right makeup as well on ethnic occasions.

v  Apply cleansing milk comprising lime juice and Haldi/Turmeric powder. That will absorb extra oil from the affected areas. You can go for raw milk & lime juice mix for the similar results.

v  Take a cotton bud, drop it in any chemical free toner and then apply on facial-skin with soft hand. That will act as a good cleanser and you can then go for makeup.
v  Apply rose water freezer cubes on the skin and then let it dry. After that go for desired make up.

v  In case of pimple-spots, you can go for natural concealer with foundation. That will hide the affected area for your makeup.
v  After makeup, don’t touch your skin frequently as it will create irritation and bacterial growth. Use mobiles with care as the same may come into skin-contact resulting problems.

v  Never ever go for a very heavy makeup as it not only closes skin-pores but also limit the duration of your make up effects.
v  Always remove makeup before going to bed. This can be done with natural toner and the skin shall remain fresh, soft and glowing.

These small and easy solutions shall for sure help you in controlling pimples growth and facilitate in getting desired Bridal Makeup or Groom Makeup on your Big Day events.

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