Friday, 29 July 2016

Family Clothing for Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is a big occasion not only for the Bride & Groom but for their family members and relatives. People anxiously wait for this solemn occasion for long and get elated at just the news of an ensuing wedding in the family once that is fixed. They start thinking looking inside their cupboard as to what to wear, when to wear and what shopping needs to be done in case they feel the necessity to buy a few new dresses to participate in those events. All the members of both the families are very much excited on their dress for the coming big day and they start preparations well in advance. Everyone, old ,young and children have to do careful planning on this aspect.

We all know that fashion keeps changing at a very fast pace. What is a trendy dress now may get obsolete tomorrow. Hence, special care is required by people to choose right dress for the various marriage events in order to look elegant and full of vibrancy. One has to keep in mind the weather and atmosphere at the time of the proposed wedding events to pick right kind of fabric and attire.

Quite often, new trends keep on coming and at times old dresses and designs become latest ones. Traditional clothing has now come to forefront like in the case of Sherwani, Turban, Dhoti-Kurta, Salwar Kameez, Lehanga & Sarees with heavy embroidery work etc. These attires might be in most prevalence during the good old time of Indian Maharajas and Queens but have come back in the vogue for the present.

People of today don’t hesitate doing experimentation. They mix traditional attire with a touch of modern designs to give an entirely different look to a dress. Now suits, sherwanis, turbans, sarees and lehangas can be made in different colour combinations using a variety of fabric and designs. That gives us not only a feel of our old culture and glorious past but also a modern appearance to enhance the persona of the wearer.

With a little bit of planning and visiting around in the market in your town, you can definitely get vast variety of Family Clothing to choose for all members - Old, Young and Children as well.

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