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Bridal Hair Care Tips in Summer

Hair care
Summer season is a monotonous one for your hairs and body as well. The bride-to-be shall need extra care to keep her hair in shape. You may face problems like dry hair, oily scalp and messy hair during summer. In this season, a person is generally encouraged to have more outings, attend beach parties, sitting by the poolside and enjoying many fun water sport events. In summers, it is not recommended to frequently dye or color your hair. It’s very difficult to protect those hairs from the intense heat. Such atmospheric conditions become a real obstacle in overseeing your hair regimen more particularly in the summer weather.

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A few positive Tips can help you deal with your hair from the side effects of hot weather:

Ø  Keep your hair loose

One should try letting her hair loose in summer by making a ponytail and leaving hair loose without pulling them tight. Keep your hair down while going to bed in the night.

Ø  Moderate shampoo usage

Too much use of shampoo is not good for your hair. Mild shampoo needs to be used not more than twice a week. Too much of hair cleansing damages not only the hairs but your scalp too.
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Ø  Swim care

You should go into pool with pre-dampened hair only to prevent them from soaking chlorinated water in the very first instance. This care will surely help you in controlling damage from swimming pool water.

Ø  Wear  Scarf & use Umbrella

You should always use umbrella while going on outdoors with scarf or hat on your head that will save you from any direct sun rays to your body, hair and scalp.
Hair care in swimming
Ø  Hair breakage

Any excess use of hair dye or color makes hair dry and fragile. This leads to higher breakage of hair while combing. Use combs having wide tooth. Frequent coloring must be avoided in summer. But more use of Henna is always recommended as it keeps your hair more cool, glossy, healthy and in style.
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Ø  In-house remedies

One should prefer using home remedies to defy summer woes to keep her hair intact. Go organic and take two tablespoons of curd, two egg whites, a few drops of lavender and lime must be applied on the scalp and hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes covered with a shower cap and thereafter go for a mild shampoo wash. This cool pack must be applied at least once in a fortnight. This little care will keep your hair flowing with a lustrous look coupled with dandruff free scalp.
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So, the bride-to-be can easily manage summer weather and keep her hair shiny, glossy, healthy and lustrous by following above Tips. These few Do’s and Don’ts can keep your hair free from many summer woes.

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