Friday, 1 July 2016

A Few Healthy Food & Drinks

Fruits & Juices
With the Summer season now at its peak, everyone wishes to combat summer woes in a smooth manner. This season brings in many a problem besides people at large feel exhausted, dull and tired most of the times. One has to take care to eat light besides following routine yoga and exercise every day. Small wellness drinks and food will surely nourish your body and bring mind in tandem.

There are a few drinks which may be available to all of us during this season and remain internally fit and active. These drinks shall not result in a big hole in your pocket and you will keep on enjoying life to the full even in this dull season. You can try to include following food/drinks in your daily schedule so as to keep fresh all through the day and you will be able to deliver best while at your work station:
Drinking Lemon Water

1.  Nimbu Pani: Lime with plenty of vitamin C nourishes your body.  It keeps your body duly hydrated too. You can have Nimbu Pani/Shikanji twice a day.
Butter Milk

2.   Buttermilk: This can be taken at least once a day. Buttermilk/Chhaachh is full of many proteins and vitamins and keeps you immune from hot atmospheric conditions.
coconut water.

3. Coconut Water/Nariyal Pani: Especially in summers, Nariyal Pani does wonders. It gives you extra energy instantly while nourishing body parts in a well managed manner.
Strawberry Shake

4.Milk Shakes: During the course of the day, you can have mango shake/vanilla shake/strawberry shake/chocolate shake to give extra freshness.
Eating Watermelon

5.   Watermelon: This is another wonder fruit of the summers. It can be eaten or taken in juice form to energise the body tissues at its best.
Eating Sprouts

6.  Sprouts: Sprouts of Moong Daal and Gram are very good at many vitamins and minerals to our body. These can be taken with jaggery to get maximum advantages.
Milk Shake

7.  Fruit Juices: You can eat any fruits like Apple, Banana, Musk Melon, Water melon, Oranges, Mausambi, Pomegranate or have their juice as per your respective liking. Add a bit of salt/pepper/masala to your taste.

With the inclusion of above fruits/drinks in your daily routine, you can easily ensure to keep yourself Fit and Healthy while succeeding in beating the summer woes. 

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