Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bridal Hair Care Tips in Summer

Hair care
Summer season is a monotonous one for your hairs and body as well. The bride-to-be shall need extra care to keep her hair in shape. You may face problems like dry hair, oily scalp and messy hair during summer. In this season, a person is generally encouraged to have more outings, attend beach parties, sitting by the poolside and enjoying many fun water sport events. In summers, it is not recommended to frequently dye or color your hair. It’s very difficult to protect those hairs from the intense heat. Such atmospheric conditions become a real obstacle in overseeing your hair regimen more particularly in the summer weather.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Family Clothing for Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is a big occasion not only for the Bride & Groom but for their family members and relatives. People anxiously wait for this solemn occasion for long and get elated at just the news of an ensuing wedding in the family once that is fixed. They start thinking looking inside their cupboard as to what to wear, when to wear and what shopping needs to be done in case they feel the necessity to buy a few new dresses to participate in those events. All the members of both the families are very much excited on their dress for the coming big day and they start preparations well in advance. Everyone, old ,young and children have to do careful planning on this aspect.

Bridal Jewelry in Blue

In every Indian wedding, jewelry plays an important part.  Right selection of Bridal jewelry is very difficult task indeed. One has to keep in mind not only the taste and persona of the wearer but the current fashion trends in the vogue as well. Every bride wishes to look elegant and different on her big day and therefore a good amount of research needs to take place before finally choosing her dresses and jewelry. This particular blue jewelry brings in a totally unique and exclusive look to the whole Bridal Attire. The Bride will definitely be the cynosure of all the eyes around.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nourishing Salad Corner at Weddings

Indian Marriages are usually a grand affair. These are solemnized as part of lifetime wishes not only for the Bride or Groom but for all their relatives and friends. An Indian wedding comprises of many events scattered for many days /weeks before the arrival of big day. At all these ceremonies, both bride and groom are busy performing many rituals as per traditions and ancient culture they come from.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Tips to Tackle Heat Stroke

During Summer Season, we all face acute weather conditions. Temperatures outside is over 40 degrees Celsius and there is every likelihood of getting heat stroke. It may occur when our body is unable to regulate temperature and may at times calls for an emergency.  If not given due care, heat stroke may even be a life threatening emergency. Sometimes, even the proper medical care doesn’t result in immediate positive response.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Beads Jewelry for Brides

An Indian Bride is always the cynosure of all the eyes around. Be it her attire, accessories or jewelry, all are attracted to the people on all those wedding events. Her jewelry not only gives her trousseau an exclusive treasure but also enhances her looks and elegance.  Every bride would like a different appearance altogether so as to be unique among all the relatives and friends gathered for the occasion on her Big Day.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer Tips for Better Lifestyle

Presently, the intense summer season is around the corner and one may be having extra exposure to the sun. One has to be very careful to take minimum care to combat heat and ultra violet rays of the sun which can do much harm to your body and inner feelings. You have to be a bit prepared to follow strict daily rituals to keep yourself active and vibrant during this season and maintain Physical Fitness.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Right Food as Beauty Secret

All of us - male or female wish to have perfect health to look smart and active. Brides and Grooms of today are getting more conscious of their Food Habits and Exercise Routines in order to get desired results. Everyone wants to look more attractive than others and for this one has to make his daily food intakes a mix of healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Sometimes, people forget about inner strength and beauty and just emphasize on outer beauty by using quick fix solutions. But these measures are only temporary and not permanent.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Getting Rid of Pimples

woman face
Every person, man or woman, face pimples problem at least once in his/her young days. In some cases this problems take very abnormal turn and even many treatments fail to curb it. Teenagers sometime find a bit difficult to control pimples and it obstructs in proper Facial Care also. Besides, pimples leave mark on the face which may be difficult to remove at a later stage.

Pimples also come in the way of your makeup especially for any bride-to-be. She will definitely get worried looking for faster solutions. Teenagers, boys and gils both, encounter this problem resulting excess oil on the facial-skin leading to the growth of pimples.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Strong Heart For Physical Fitness

Current lifestyle of people at large is extremely busy and all of us are under tremendous pressure all the time. These pressures could be from work side, health side, and family side and so on. Even young generation of today is getting undue stress and therefore one must need to counter it as well at the earliest before it takes adverse form. Hypertension generally relates to high blood pressure which needs cure to prevent side effects.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Diamond Jewelry for Bridal Trousseau

Women’s love for jewelry exists since ages and ancient times. Jewelry has been and will always remain an integral part of any women’s life. She keeps her Wedding Trousseau so safe and intact so that the same could be used for the coming generations with the same fun and fervour. Brides-to-be of today are very careful in choosing their jewelry carefully keeping in view their persona, taste and latest trends in designs etc.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Current lifestyle of people at large is resulting into weight gain problems even from childhood. We all are subjected to very busy and hectic life schedule and in the process take risk while indulging in fast food, sugary snacks, smoking and drinking alcohol. All these intakes harm our body balance and we start getting obese. That may lead to many complications if not addressed timely and in initial stages as otherwise it will be too late to reverse the weight gain process.

Friday, 1 July 2016

A Few Healthy Food & Drinks

Fruits & Juices
With the Summer season now at its peak, everyone wishes to combat summer woes in a smooth manner. This season brings in many a problem besides people at large feel exhausted, dull and tired most of the times. One has to take care to eat light besides following routine yoga and exercise every day. Small wellness drinks and food will surely nourish your body and bring mind in tandem.