Sunday, 12 June 2016

Simple Ways to Boost Fitness

All of us are particular to carry Healthy Lifestyle irrespective of financial status and needs. Great saints have also called Health as the biggest Wealth one can aspire. Current lifestyle is so busy and hectic that people are bust making money, thinking money and engrossed in the materialistic things. They don’t see to their internal mind & body scenario till it is too late. It is therefore highly recommended for all to follow strict disciplined life ritual daily to combat all those related problems affecting healthy living.

In the present era, obesity even in childhood is quite common. The consumption of sugar, aerated drinks and fast food has done havoc. Besides, pollution and chemical ridden veggies/fruits have only added fuel to the fire.  Here are a few very simple Tips to get much needed immunity from such side effects and live life like king size. It’s not that difficult as these ideas are too simple to follow:
Brisk walking

1.   Instead of sitting long in office, walk and talk with people. One can easily plan walking meetings to get benefits.

2.     Morning walk/yoga are the ancient tools to get immunity and good health. Our body gets extra oxygen free of pollution to nourish us through the day.
Brisk Walk

3.   Brisk walking in morning or at any time can do wonders as all the internal machinery gets much desired boost.

4.    Have your right posture while sitting/walking. Try to keep body and back straight and indulge in small stretches in between. That shall keep your spine in shape also.
family swimming

5. Family time is called quality time. Be with your children while playing cricket/football/swimming/walking and get good mental rejuvenation.

6.   Park your vehicle at a distance while going to office or to the market. That will make you to walk a bit. Climb stairs instead of taking lift. Going up and coming down via stairs does result in quality exercise best for the whole body and system.
right posture

7.   Last but not the least, drink water to be hydrated, eat seasonal veggies and fruits and don’t indulge in too much of fast food culture. That kind of your daily routine shall for sure give you much needed immunity and the best Physical Fitness to live life to the full.

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Drink water