Sunday, 26 June 2016

Simple Tips to De-stress

Work pressure stress
In the current busy era, we all are extremely busy doing multi-tasking at times. We don’t think of doing things in a planned and systematic manner keeping focus on few things at a time rather that to keep thinking on many things and carry avoidable tension unnecessarily. We should keep our mind in tandem with the body and must not over stretch resulting stress kind of symptoms.

Young generation of today is also burdened with pressures on account of study, education, job, financial and family related matters. All this leads to multiple disorders like sleeplessness, anxiety and tension all the time. Our mind is engrossed up in those many unnecessary things and objects that it is not free to focus on positive thinking and acts. People also start indulging in smoking and drinking to get relief from so called tension though that doesn’t result in positive answers.
Work pressure stress1

We must follow daily walk/brisk walking and yoga exercise routine without fail as this gives energy and higher oxygen intake to be active whole day. Minimum 30 minutes daily walk is a must for all of us to keep our internal system activated. One can indulge in swimming, dancing and cycling also to get even better results and ensure Physical Fitness.
Yoga to De stress

An adequate sleep of at least 6-8 hours is a must for all of us. Sleep deprivation brings in more tension and stress and the body tissues are not able to rejuvenate them well. A good and sound sleep keeps us active, alert and positive all through the day.
Sleep to Destress

Even normally, we should try to take deep breathing as this result in more oxygen going into body and more carbon oxide coming out. This makes us more relaxed and results in enhancing our productivity too. We feel motivated while being at work and give our maximum by working to the best of our ability.
Deep breathing to De stress

Our eating habits also needs attention as in current busy life, people are more engaged into fast food culture. One must go consuming veggies and fruits of the season and refrain from smoking/drinking. Already, we all are subjected of so much of pollution that makes us passive smokers.

Cycling to De stress

These small daily rituals definitely help us overcome stress stages and keep us in right Physical Fitness & Health. Eat whole grains, lentils, fruits and vegetables so as to keep your body fit and ensure its synchronization with the mind.

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