Monday, 6 June 2016

Diet Tips to Fight Stress

Our lifestyle today has become so active and busy that we don’t have time even to take care of our health. We all have been busy multi-tasking all the time resulting into stress feeling in our mind and body. Stress, if not managed timely and properly, can become a major reason for many a health disorders after some times. A simple headache could convert into hypertension, acidity, diabetes or cardiac disorder.

Diet Tips to fight Stress3
A healthy diet always plays a major part in reducing negativity of our stress. This can even provide much needed immunity to us thereby to keep that so called stress at bay. Our daily diet intake can do wonders to combat stress. We all must be very particular as to what we are eating, when are we eating and how much are we eating. If kept under control, we can enjoy healthy living full of right kind of Physical Fitness.
Diet Tips to fight Stress
We can add a few nutrients in our every day diet so as to live life king size:

1.    Carbohydrates: Foods items like whole wheat, brown rice, millets like bajra, ragi and gram produce serotonin, a chemical resulting creation of good feel factor in your mind.

2.  Fresh veggies:  Vegetables like cucumber, carrots and celery provide good feelings and help in releasing stress. Chewing them relives our jaw area to de-stress us.
Diet Tips to fight Stress4

3.   Citrus foods: vitamin C intake in the form of lime, orange and amla results in reducing cortisol, a stress hormone used to de-stress.

4.    Nuts: Peanuts, almonds, cashew and walnuts are great stress relievers. One should take reasonable intake at least once a day.
Diet Tips to fight Stress5

5.  Curd: Curd is considered to be even better than milk. Home made curd contains many nutrients leading to a healthy lifestyle.

6.     Avacados: these are rich in vitamin B and best source to give heart boosting fats.
Diet Tips to fight Stress7

7.   Milk : Having lukewarm milk at bedtime carries many benefits. This practice is being followed in India since the time immemorial. Calcium in milk also helps reducing mood swings.
Diet Tips to fight Stress2

8.   Yoga & Exercise: Last but not the least, you must indulge in Yoga and exercise at least 5 days a week. Early morning walk, exercise, yoga, breathing exercises and OM chanting are all known to be great stress busters since ages.
Diet Tips to fight Stress6

With above routines, you can ensure a Healthy Lifestyle, enjoying life while keeping stress at bay. Prevention is always better than cure, hence make it a part of daily routine incorporating above Tips.

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