Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tips for Better Hair Wash

Bridal Hair Care
For every woman, Hair care is one of the most prime concerns. Keeping dandruff and dust away is the key to have lustrous and shining hair. One has to give her hair a proper wash at least twice a week. It’s not simply shampooing or conditioning but a proper process has to be followed to extract full benefits. You can follow a few Tips to give due attention to your hair and always keeping them flowing in style:

Bridal Hair Care1
Shampooing: Always dilute your shampoo before use. Mix a handful of water and then apply on the scalp and start messaging. Before shampooing, do a bit of combing to remove tangles and breaks. Can also do oil message about an hour before shampooing. That will give extra shine to the hair.
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2.      Brushing: never ever apply brush in wet hair as it would result in much breakage of hair. Simply use your towel to soak water and let them dry naturally before combing.
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3.      Don’t use Hot Water: Don’t apply hot water to wash hair as the same dries the strands. Use mild water to opes the pores and remove dirt. Finally, rinse and wash with cold water to retain moisture and making your hair shiny and softer.
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4.      Scalp Message: Give a soft massage to your scalp every day for a couple of minutes. Also during hair wash, go for a mild scalp massage to cleanse the scalp and remove dirt particles. But don’t overdo it with force.
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5.      Finally, ensure that no shampoo/conditioner is left in hair/scalp after washing. Otherwise, you will be facing dandruff & many other related problems.

If you adhere to above simple Tips, there is no doubt that you will be having best Hair Care with little effort.
Your hair shall keep flowing, shining and lustrous  on all ethnic occasions including wedding day. Every bride shall be able to get the best of Bridal Makeup on her D-Day.

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