Monday, 16 May 2016

5 Tips to prevent Hair Breaking


Any Bride or Groom wish to have soft, shiny and dense hair complete with glow. In today’s hectic life full of pollution and summer woes, it’s rather a bit difficult to manage hair. Hair are quite soft tissues and any undue pressure thereon can do much harm than good. It is very common now to find complaints of hair fall both from males and females. Graying of hair too early is also becoming a normal phenomenon.

Any change in weather conditions has to be dealt with care. Dry air affects hair due to such atmospheric conditions. You must take note of those conditions and a slight care will help you tremendously. A few hair care measures can keep your hair in right health and glowing.
Hair shampooing

1.      Use less Shampoo: Always use only soft shampoo and that too in low quantity. Shampoos are filled with chemicals and can result in harm to your hair if applied excessively. Rather, you may choose for Conditioner which will not only save you from shampoo side effects but will also keep them shiny and soft.
Oil massage on hair

2.      Oil message: At least once a week you must have oil message on your head. Oil could be coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or caster oil. That will give due nourishment to the hair and clean dandruff and dead skin.
Hair Trimming

3.      Hair trimming: Get your hair trim at least once in 4-6 weeks. This frequency can be once in 8 weeks during winters. Trimming will take care of hair with double mouth.
Hair Drier

4.      Less use of Hair drier: Keep your hair away from hot water or hot air. Excess use of hair drier affects hair as well as skin on the head. Avoid going out during the day without umbrella or scarf. This will give your hair much needed protection to keep them soft and shiny even in summer season.

5.      Less Hair colour/straightening: Avoid to much of hair colouring/straightening as it also weakens your hair to a great extent.

Besides, above measures, you should also message your scalp with soft finger tips at least once a day to improve blood circulation. Apply curd paste once in a month. Mix a capsule of vitamin E in coconut oil before messaging. You can also apply egg’s white portion as hair paste also. Wash after 30 minutes to get desired results.

All these simple Tips shall result in giving proper strength to the hair and they will have unparalleled softness, shine and glow as part of your Bridal Makeup or Groom Makeup.

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