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Major Rituals in An Indian Wedding

Newlywed couple
Indian public at large is the firm believer in many religions and ancient practices. Consequently, marriages in India include a vast number of rituals and customs. These are age old practices in the vogue. These customs are virtually the foundation of our society and are being followed by all from generation to generation. An Indian Marriage Ceremony is one of the most important events in one's lifetime and therefore is thus organized with extreme sacredness.

There are many events to be organized once  a marriage date has been fixed. A few of them which are quite major ones are discussed herein below:

Tilak Ceremony
Tilak Ceremony :

This may also be called as the first ritual in any Indian marriage. Once a marriage has been fixed between the two families, Bride side-her brother/father put Tilak on the forehead of the groom as part of the beginning of new relationship. .

Ring ceremony
Ring Ceremony :

This is also called as the engagement ceremony. In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange rings with each other as the next step in their ensuing bondage.

Sangeet ceremony
Sangeet Ceremony :

This ceremony is all about dance and music and is performed at both the sides i.e. bride and the groom as well. All the women folk of the families participate, dance and enjoy this fun filled ritual.

Mehndi ceremony
Mehndi Ceremony :

This ceremony is another traditional ritual where the prospective bride and the other women folk apply mehndi on their hands as part of bringing an elegance to their appearance and beauty. This ceremony is also filled with lots of music and fun among family members, relatives and the friends.

Jaimala ceremony
Var Mala Ceremony :

This ceremony is performed on the main wedding day ceremony and a big attraction as well. This is also known as Jaimala ceremony and involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Again, this is also filled with much fun from the sides of both the families and they also tease each other as part of the said fun.

Mandap ceremony
Mandap Ceremony :

After Jaimala, both the bride and groom are taken to the Mandap where rituals like Sat Phera, Seven Vows etc are performed before the holy fire amidst the chanting of vedic mantrs by the family pundits.

Vidai ceremony
Vidai Ceremony :

At last time comes for Vidai ceremony and the bride takes her journey to the groom’s place in an atmosphere charged with emotions. She is blessed by all the family members and guests around for a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous married life.

With these rituals, an Indian Marriage is solemnized with the blessings and good wishes to the newlywed couple by all the family members, friends and relatives.

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