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Comparison between Hotel vs Lawn

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When it comes to deciding the venue of an Indian Wedding, there are a few options to consider. Some people may choose Hotels, Resorts or Banquet Halls; while some consider Lawns or Farmhouses to be a better option. All of them have their respective pros & cons. In this article, we would be making a detailed comparison between hotels/resorts and open lawns as the wedding options:

Hotel wedding
1.     No. of guests: You first need to see as to how many guests are expected to your wedding event. A moderate hotel may have limited space constraint from the point of view of adjusting guests or parking space for their vehicles. On the other hand, a Lawn or Farmhouse generally have plenty of space to accommodate even 500+ guest and cars as well.

2.   Service providers: Hotels generally insist on in-house services and usually prohibit outside vendors. On the other hand, lawns provides you flexibility of bringing your own vendors.
Lawn wedding

3.   Budget: Hotels require slightly higher budget as compared to lawns as they come with a little bit of higher brand value. Hotels may prove to be a slightly higher cost option vs lawn.
Hotel wedding1

4.  Decoration: the decoration and lighting cost in case of Hotels is less as compared to lawns. In a lawn, you have to decorate everything from scratch whereas hotels already have specially assigned area for these events needing lesser décor expense.

5.      Co-ordination: Co-ordination in hotel services is better as compared to lawns. In a hotel, the in-house staff is handling everything with great precision. On the other hand, lawns may have co-ordination problems on a/c of multiple vendors.

Lawn wedding 1
6.    Service Quality: Hotels have much better service quality as compared to lawns. This is because hotels have educated and well groomed staff and is also concerned with their brand value. Lawns may have slight problems as most of the vendors may not have good and guest friendly staff.

7.      Hassles: Hotels are hassle free as compared to lawns. In most of the cases, you don’t need to worry about advance preparations before the event. In case of lawns, you surely need close supervision for all those preparations.
wedding dance

Considering the above factors, Hotels and Lawns have their own advantages and disadvantages. It's now up to you to see which Wedding Option suits you better…..

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