Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pre-Wedding SPA Therapy

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SPA is a place devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that promote the renewal of mind, body and spirit of a person.  A SPA Salon normally offers professionally administered massages, facials and body treatments in a quiet, peaceful and serene atmosphere. There may be a huge range of SPA centers which deliver many experiences at resort spas. Again, there could be anything from one simple massage room next to the full-fledged fitness center to a multi-million facility.

Once the marriage date is finalized, the bride and the groom start thinking of their fitness- both physical and mental. They may engage themselves in many activities like walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, joining gym etc.  Besides, they can also think of occasional visits to SPA Wellness centers in the city to get relaxation to mind and body.

In the SPA salon, one finds soothing environment, light music with serene surroundings.  Some SPAs have the facility of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists and physical therapists. It offers classes, lectures and services that and so many things that you could learn new techniques while enjoying the benefits from the center. There are many types of SPA Salons and it's important to understand the difference as you get the experience you're looking for. In general, a spa may be a place where you can receive spa treatments, most commonly massage, facial and the body treatment etc.  After all, Spas are devoted to improving your health and well-being.

The root of all the health exist in the brain. The trunk of it lies in the emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms, when all body parts work together.

It is very important to start divine journey to wedding with the luxurious wellness & healing treatments. There are various healing treatments at many SPA centers across India. These treatments make the bride / groom look and feel wonderful as they begin their beautiful journey of life:

Aromatherapy: This is an old age ancient practice to heal the body with the help of naturally extracted aroma oils from different natural plants. It harmonizes the whole body with mind and spirit. The treatment can be customized according to the skin type, hair type or any other imbalances in the body.

Hot Stone Therapy: It’s a unique therapy applied with the help of hot stones and mineral infused oils. It is an ancient technique to de-stress and alleviate muscle tension. This therapy results in improving blood circulation &soothes your aching muscles.

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Aqua treatment: This way you can detoxify the skin.  Aqua system follows the tradition of mud, silt, seawater and algae. All this treatment stimulates cell renewal and metabolism.

Foot Reflexology: The nerves from our foot connect us with every part of the body. Foot Reflexology is one of the most sought after healing treatment and it releases stress quite speedily.

De- stressing Treatment:  You must take time out & get pampered yourself to perfection for the big day. Trips to salons are OK but there are better treatments heal your body inside. A few Treatments may be Balinese & Thai massage, papaya and aromatic body wrap, stone therapy and foot reflexology. These treatments  gives you much needed comfort while de-stressing the body muscles.

So, a Good SPA can deliver you much needed calm, peace and soothing mind and body combo for the upcoming big day.

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