Sunday, 6 March 2016

Nutritious Eating Habits for Good Health

Our food contains much nutrition in the form of proteins, minerals and vitamins. We should have Healthy Eating Habits in order to ensure best of health. Your health is the direct outcome what you eat. Renowned dietitians say that green veggies and fruits must form half of what we eat during the day. That makes our body get appropriate vitamins and requisite minerals. These foods being rich in antioxidants and stop symptoms of various disease infested radicals in our body.

Nutritious food also results in putting a break to ageing process. Intake of these foods starts giving visible signs to your body by preserving skin tone. This also wards off arterial damage, if any.

Healthy Habits with food
For the people in the age group 30-40, high fiber foods like wholegrain and pulses help regulating blood pressure while conserving muscles and bones. One can get these from foods like rajma, gram, ragi, spinach, curry, dates, lime juice and drumstick leaves. Vitamin C in lime helps absorb iron in your body.

People in the range 40+ must more focus on fiber intake. Whole grains,  bran, banana flower, lotus stem, facilitate digestion, lower cholesterol level. These also keep your sugar levels in control as well. One should start minimizing salt and sugar intake now. Fermented foods like curd, idli, kadhi-rice etc provide extra dose of vitamin B12 which is primarily responsible to keep your nerves healthy and blood cells efficiency.
Homemade Yogurt can do wonders to your overall well being. Vitamin D intake in the form of sunshine, eggs, fish, mushrooms also help you get immunity bolster dose. You can have calcium supplements in case same is recommended by your doctor.

This entire food habits regimen must start from the age of 20 yrs so that you get used to these practices. Avoid junk foods intake more than a week. This practice shall definitely help you to make your body structure and foundation strong to meet required strength and slow down ageing process. You will for sure maintain young looks and vibrancy with the Best Physical Fitness bringing body and mind synchronization in desired tandem. Gautama Buddha has also rightly said: “ To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

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