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Bridegroom Wear & Accessories

Bridegroom accessories
Both the Bride and the Groom are center of attention at their wedding.  All the relatives, friends and guests keep focus on them while being part of any marriage event and ceremony. Therefore, both of them have to be very particular on their attire and accessories they wear and adore. Such an occasion comes once in a lifetime and extra planning must take place at their ends to achieve best results as anticipated. The whole attire and accessories mainly depend upon many traditions and customs across many religions in our country.

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Bridegrooms of the yesteryear were not that particular on their outfits but now the trend has totally changed-Be it for Groom Summer Wear or Winter Wear. They would now like to don the outfits which enhance their personality. They can choose from many options viz. Indo-western suit, Sherwanis, Jodhpuri suit, band gala and so on. Different accessories will be required for each outfit.
Wedding Accessories For Indian Groom
Cuff-links are generally worn with formal suit or the jodhpuri suit. One can go for diamond studded or semi-precious stone cuff-links. One should also keep in mind the color & Design of suit fabric to match the same.
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Another important accessory to be worn by the groom is Turban on his head. This can be made of fabrics with like leheriyas, tie dyes, or self-woven brocades etc. During Baraat procession, the groom also wears sehra which appears like a veil of flowers tied on his forehead partly covering his face. Grooms of today also go for adoring a beaded necklace around their neck to get elegant appearance to the whole attire and persona. The necklace adds a princely look to the groom making him cynosure of all the ayes around.
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Besides above, selection of many other Groom Accessories like Foot wears and Shoes, Tie, Necktie, Belt, Watch etc have to be chosen matching the particular attire and individual preferences. Bridegroom has to carefully make choices for the Best Groom Wear & Accessories which shall bring in extra elegance to his outfits and persona on the Big Day.

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