Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Astro Science – Indian Wedding Match Making

In the Indian culture, Astrology plays an important role in a wedding matching. While searching the prospective match, astrology comes into picture since two families wish to match horoscopes of the boy and the girl going to marry. Both the families look for the services of famous astrologers for matching the Kundlis. That gives a mental comfort also in the minds of two new families going to build a new relationship.

Astro-Science new couple
Marriage Astrology is expected to suggest a forecast on the outcome of your married life depending upon the planetary position in your birth signs. In Vedic Astrology, there are many factors that affect the timing of a person’s marriage and spell out the course of the married life. When it comes to marital life, the Marriage prediction astrology determines how the planetary influences related to marriage shape your future life as a couple together.
The best astrologer primarily examines the two horoscopes to ascertain the marriage compatibility of future relationships. Two persons may be attracted to each other and seem compatible but later found seeking divorce in a court of law. That gives rise to the famous saying: Married in haste - lamented at leisure. So the astrologer you are consulting to do a compatibility reading has to be well skilled in this sphere. Astrology can point out about the positives and negatives between the two persons.
Marriage Astrology assumes greater importance in life; any marriage makes or breaks the person's life. The natal chart shows if you are destined to marry or not. There are also some planetary positions which may prolong the marriage.
Wedding Astrology also takes into consideration your Zodiac sign. Like your date of birth, your zodiac sign can also speak about your future together, be it for the right or wrong.  The Gunas(qualities)of a person varies as per their individual zodiac sign. The astrologer matches respective Gunas and Grahas (Planets) out of 36 qualities of both bride and the bridegroom and approves only if majority of them match. This exercise gives you the green signal to proceed and go ahead.
Once the two horoscopes are matched, both the families look for an auspicious wedding date. This date is crucial date for the following life. This date indicates the future not only for marriage itself, but also for the betterment of bothlife-partners. The astrologer also keeps in mind the convenience of both the families and sometimes the marriage date is postponed for many months in order to ensure an auspicious day for the solemn ritual.

If you take advice from the best and famous astrologer, he/she will definitely suggest a Right and Auspicious Day for Your Wedding. 

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