Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pre-Wedding SPA Therapy

ayurveda spa programs-kerala
SPA is a place devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that promote the renewal of mind, body and spirit of a person.  A SPA Salon normally offers professionally administered massages, facials and body treatments in a quiet, peaceful and serene atmosphere. There may be a huge range of SPA centers which deliver many experiences at resort spas. Again, there could be anything from one simple massage room next to the full-fledged fitness center to a multi-million facility.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

6 Diet Tips For A Good Bridal Skin

beauty-tips-for indian-brides

There is a famous saying – “You are what you eat”. Brides are often concerned about their looks before the Wedding Day. They try to take care of everything from bridal makeup to skin treatments. Some brides even go out of the way by trying cosmetic treatments. It is very obvious that all the brides wish to look good, but they often forget that makeup alone cannot serve the purpose. Your inner health plays an important role in enhancing your looks and multiplying the effect of the makeup.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bridegroom Wear & Accessories

Bridegroom accessories
Both the Bride and the Groom are center of attention at their wedding.  All the relatives, friends and guests keep focus on them while being part of any marriage event and ceremony. Therefore, both of them have to be very particular on their attire and accessories they wear and adore. Such an occasion comes once in a lifetime and extra planning must take place at their ends to achieve best results as anticipated. The whole attire and accessories mainly depend upon many traditions and customs across many religions in our country.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Destination Wedding at an Indian Beach

Indian Beach For Destination Wedding2
People may sometimes opt for organizing a Theme Wedding and one of the best options is Beach Wedding. Fortunately, in our country, it is not very difficult to shortlist a good beach location as our country has a vast coastline of over 7000 Kms. For any would-be brides and grooms, no event can be more special than their own wedding. Every couple wants to make that occasion a special & memorable, since it is a onetime affair in their lifetime. Therefore, to accomplish that sentiment, many people opt for different ideas. One way of making your marriage a unique one is by arranging it on a beach. Exotic Beach Weddings have become quite popular now and many young Indian couples, do like experimenting too. Just the thought of a marriage on the sea shore, resounding with the echo of splashing waters, makes it one of the dreamiest wedding inspirations.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Astro Science – Indian Wedding Match Making

In the Indian culture, Astrology plays an important role in a wedding matching. While searching the prospective match, astrology comes into picture since two families wish to match horoscopes of the boy and the girl going to marry. Both the families look for the services of famous astrologers for matching the Kundlis. That gives a mental comfort also in the minds of two new families going to build a new relationship.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Nutritious Eating Habits for Good Health

Our food contains much nutrition in the form of proteins, minerals and vitamins. We should have Healthy Eating Habits in order to ensure best of health. Your health is the direct outcome what you eat. Renowned dietitians say that green veggies and fruits must form half of what we eat during the day. That makes our body get appropriate vitamins and requisite minerals. These foods being rich in antioxidants and stop symptoms of various disease infested radicals in our body.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A Beautiful Wedding Dress: Bridal Lehenga

bridal lehnga3
Apart from Bridal Saree, Lehenga is the next most preferred wedding attire amongst Indian brides. Lehenga is quite an elaborate dress and was traditionally worn by Rajasthani and Gujarati women of India. However, with efflux of time, it has been now adapted as one of the main wedding attire by other people of other traditions across India. Bridal Lehnga has gradually been totally transformed in look and appeal. The otherwise folk traditional dress of the past is now being considered as the main wedding dress with ample space for carrying experimentation here and there. At a very fast pace, Lehenga has since developed into a must dress for any Indian bride which surely results in enhancing bridal elegance to a great extent.