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Wedding Day Celebrations

Indian Groom on Ghori
Many rituals have to be observed on the main marriage day. This day is quite hectic filled of many activities. These begin with GhurChari at the groom’s place. His family members put Tilak on his forehead and the procession with Band is taken to a nearby Temple seeking their diety’s blessings. Thereafter, Groom with Barat arrives at the bride’s place with Bands and Fireworks. They dance to the tune of latest songs to reach the main stage where Jaimala ceremony is taken place.

Aarti of Groom
First, bride’s mother welcomes groom by an Aarti. Then, bride and groom place flower garlands around each other’s neck as part of JAIMALA Ceremony. During this, there is much teasing among each other between both the families and friends. Then, bride and the groom are taken to the Mandap. Here, the family priests in  the presence of sacred fire and Almighty God guide them to  phera ceremony takes place along with Kanyadaan  and 7 Vows by bride and groom.
Jaimala ceremony

The bride's father gives away his daughter’s hand to the groom, while the priest chants mantras, as part of Kanyadaan ritual. After this, the Mangalpheras by both the bride and groom take place around the sacred fire. They take the Seven Vows called Saptapadi, and promise to stand by each other till their life. Once that is over, the groom puts sindoor in the bride's hair parting.
Hindu wedding sindoor
This is also followed by tying of Mangalsutra around the bride's neck by the groom.  These rituals are in the vogue since many centuries and performed amidst chanting of holy mantras by the priests present.
During the above ceremonies, the guests from both the families pamper them to delicious food and beverages served around while interacting with each other. Quite often, DJ and Musical Events are also played at the venue to entertain guests. People around while keeping an eye over the wedding rituals, participate and enjoy dancing and roaming around.
Saat Pheras

Vidaai Ceremony
In the last, the long awaited ritual i.e.  vidaai of the bride takes place. The family & friends of the bride give her a sobbing & touching farewell from her house.  While leaving, the bride throws back three handful of rice and coins over her shoulders towards her parental home. That makes sure that riches and affluence remains in her home in future too.

Bride at Groom’s House
Now the bride arrives at her groom's house with much joy and glory. The new couple is warmly greeted by the groom's family and all present around. Groom’s mother welcomes them  with a traditional Aarti before taking them inside. The bride enters while knocking  a vessel filled with rice, kept at the entrance. She also dips her feet in a mixture of red vermillion and enters the house, leaving foot prints on the floor. This important ritual is performed as the bride is considered a form of Goddess Laxmi. After this, a few wedding games are played to make the bride comfortable in the new surroundings. Further, a wedding reception is organized by the groom's family in the evening to welcome the new member and introduce her to the Groom’s family and friends.
Indian wedding couple

With these rituals, an IndianWedding comes to a joyful & pleasant end.

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