Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pre-Wedding Events

Indian wedding
Since the time immemorial, an Indian wedding is organised a big glorified event. Not only Bride & Groom, but their family members too wish to meet their long pending wishes on such an exclusive and solemn occasion. A marriage is part of a religious culture and practice also and is celebrated as a festival following ancient rituals which have been in the vogue since ages. Typically, An Indian Wedding comprises of many events before the arrival of the Big Day. Those events are celebrated with joy and emotions by both the family members.

indian wedding couple
A marriage ceremony is part of many events and sometimes spread over many weeks and even months. These days are quite hectic for close family members as they are fully engaged in preparations on many fronts. Every event is made to be a memorable one so that one can cherish those exclusive moments for their respective lifetime. We can run through major events and rituals in brief forming part of an Indian wedding as follows:
Ring ceremony
Engagement Ceremony
This is the first event organised once the two families find that would-be-bride and groom are going to tie knot. This ceremony is also called as Engagement Ring or Roka Ceremony. In this event, both bride and groom exchange rings as a token of accepting each other their life partner. In this ceremony, the father of the bride also places Tilak on the forehead of bridegroom. Relatives and guests from both the sides gather together and pamper them with delicious food as well.
Hindu Wedding bridal makeup
Sagai Ceremony
In this event, the bride’s brother applies Tilak on the forehead of the groom and also offers gifts to him. Both the families exchange gifts, outfits, jewellery, attires and accessories of for both bride and groom and their close relations. In this event also many people gather to celebrate from both sides and enjoy to the music and sumptuous food being served around.
Sangeet ceremony
Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi Ceremony
These events are at times played separately and sometimes combined together. Womenfolk of bride’s house sing traditional songs with Dholak while all the ladies and friends get Mehndi application on their hands/feet. Ladies dance on the tune of those traditional and bollywood hit songs an tease each other in the process as a matter of joy.

With this, main events prior to the wedding are over and people anxiously wait for the Big Day Celebrations shortly.

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