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Nutritious Salads For Healthy Life

Nutritious Salads for Healthy Life
An Indian Wedding happens to be an event of a lifetime not only for the Bride and Groom but for all the relatives and guests attending too. The Hosts try their level best to entertain their guests to their best. They offer them best of the Food Servings and Beverages according to their capacity to make those marriage events memorable in the minds of everyone. Guests enjoy the sumptuous food while taking active participation in the marriage events to make host happy.

Any food is incomplete without salads. It’s a kind of starter along with snacks and people can pamper them as per their respective liking. Nowadays, your caterers can offer you many variants of salads giving options to the guests to make right choices. People have become more and more health conscious and always try to go organic or with nutritional values of a particular salad/dish. We can come across many miniature versions of salads with different flavors, colours, ingredients and textures. A special salad counter is kept nowadays to cater to this particular craving.

Traditional Green Salads

As people are going health conscious, they will get delighted with healthy spreads on their salad plates. Guests here can request the chef to present them customized salad plate to their taste and liking. They can go for extra toppings of their preferences on the veggies, fruits, cream or cheese side. Salad counters with chef present new picture so that guests can choose and experiment new versions of salads. This way they can take care of their health as well as craving for desired ingredients and taste.
Traditional Italian Salads

Many variants of salad can be chosen from:
  • Traditional Salad – Here one can have a mix of green veggies and fresh fruits with desired toppings of vinegar, cheese or sauces.
  • Italian Salad- This is made in colours of Italian flag- i.e. red, white and green vegetables.
  • French Salad- It is very popular having mixed green vegetables, grilled asparagus, fresh beets and vinaigrette.
    Traditional French Salads
  • Ancient grain Salad with avocado and grapes.
  • Pasta Salad with lentils, pesto and beans.
  • Waldorf Salad with celery and apple slaw. 
  • Toasted Barley Salad with roast beets and sticky sweet dressings.
    Fruites - Veggie Salad
  • Char grilled Eggplant salad with olive oil and feta.
  • Baby Carrot Salad with lentils and roasted beetroots.
  • Macadamia salad with baby spinach and orange.
  • And Many More, the list can be endless like Greek Salad, Caesar Salad, salads with combination of fruits and non-vegetarian quotient depending upon your preferences.
Waldorf Salad
In the present era, among all the food servings, salads can be the only items with fresh delights served to your guests’ platter. Make your food more appealing by having a dedicated Salad Counter (ask your Wedding Caterer) to serve your guests in the best way.

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