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Indian Wedding - Mandap Ceremony

Mandap Decoration in Indian Wedding

An Indian Wedding is the conglomerate of many events and ceremonies across many days and even weeks. One of the most important one of them is the Mandap Ceremony taking place on the wedding day. Very significant rituals take place during this Mandap ceremony. These rituals vary in accordance with the age old customs and traditions across many states and religions in our country. Both the families always strive to organize their marriages in a grand a prosperous manner and Mandap ceremony is no exception.

Indian Wedding Mandap

Once the Jaimala Ceremony is over, the bride and the groom are blessed by all the elders and guests around. That is then followed by Mandal Ceremony which is performed under a specially built canopy with the support of four pillars. These pillars are decorated with bamboo and banana tree sticks and fabric in many colors of your choice. Flower Decoration also takes place around on the Mandap to give a perfect and pious look.

Wedding Mandap in India

The usual colour combination used for the mandap is Red and silvery which matches with the Theme of the ritual. The 4 pillars of the mandap represent the parents of both bride and the groom. Mandap ceremony is generally performed at the bride’s house or at the wedding venue itself.  Once seated, the bride and the groom perform many rituals in front of sacred fire/Agni Kund in the presence of priests reciting vedic hymns. They have to recite those holy mantras and exchange 7 Wedding Vows before the holy fire and almighty God to solemnize their wedding.

Open Mandap for Indian Wedding

Main rituals at the Mandap Ceremony includes Saat Phere, Maang Bharai and Kanyadaan which makes the marriage being solemnized to be followed by Vidaai Ceremony. With that, the marriage rituals come to an end and all the people around again bless the newlywed couple for a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous married life in rest of their lifetime.

Indian Traditional Wedding Mandap

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