Monday, 1 February 2016

Easy Ways to Burn Extra Calories

Workout at GYM

Any Bride or the Groom, both wish to look energized and vibrant before their Big-Day. Before, the marriage, they are busy in shopping spree, making rounds to visit family friends and relations and in the process eating out maximum ending with higher calorie intake. All this may happen just before one month prior to the marriage date. You will then get worried how to burn those extra kilos to appear fit and radiant in the big day?

One may be a Physical Fitness freak but at that time, everyone doesn’t have time to knock the doors of a Gym. You are otherwise so engrossed up in many a activities that virtually no time is left for this ritual. With a small discipline, you can follow a 30-40 minutes regime to keep your fitness and body in shape.

Simple Exercises

You don’t need to join a Gym or go to a Wellness Center, all you need is to follow small routines to gain maximum benefits.

Cardio Workout

You can follow 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at home itself combining slow and fast run ups for 10 minutes each. Other minor exercises may be skipping, biking and jumping and all this will result in burning your extra calories instantly. That will also improve your heart-lung capacity while boosting metabolism. All this can be done at home without the help of any particular machine or gadgets.

Brisk Walking on Tread Mill

These small Physical Fitness Exercises can be done at any place and anytime. Only thing to remember is to have your stomach empty at the time of doing these workouts. There must be a gap of 2-3 hours since you had breakfast/lunch or any heavy brunch. Such workouts are being done even by most of celebrities finding little time out of their hectic schedule. The basic quality of this regimen is – spend less time to get maximum results.

Men Workout in Gym

You must drink water before, during and after such work outs. These workouts need not be done every day and 3-5 days in a week is sufficient to get desired results. Also keep your diet in mind and include whole grains, sprouts, fresh fruits, green veggies and nuts in your intake. So, gear yourself up, a spend few minutes following these small workouts before your Big-Day.

Balanced Diet for Healthy Life
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