Monday, 1 February 2016

Bridal Mehndi Art

Mehndi  Ceremony is a very important ritual in case of any big occasion and Indian weddings. Mehndi is applied by our women folk on many festivals like Teej,  Karva Choth and Diwali etc. in India, mehandi is also considered as part of enhancing  gorgeousness and grace.  Mehandi  Art has been prevalent since the time immemorial in our country. It occupies an integral part  in any marriage ceremony in and any marriage event is incomplete without this ritual.

Mehndi is also predominantly part of the 16 Shringaar i.e. sixteen adornments of any bride and an integral part of overall beauty regimen.

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs
In our marriage ceremonies, mehndi  event  is held at both the families place participated by all the relatives, friends and family members. This ceremony is quite often combined with Ladies Sangeet also.

Indian brides apply mehndi on their hands, arms and feet. Mehndi paste is made after drying Henna leaves. One can find the ready made mehandi paste in market easily in a cone to facilitate its application. Many designs are available in the market and professional Mehndi Artists are usually engaged to apply mehandi on the bride and other guests. Nowadays, even the grooms also apply mehandi on their hands to observe as part of the marriage ritual.
Bridal Henna Designs

Bridal MehndiArt has been  taking  place in many designs including Arabic Mehndi, Rajasthani  Mehndi, Crystal Mehndi and  Tattoo Mehndi. People can choose and select from those designs as per individual liking and preferences. Mehandi color darkness is traditionally considered a good sign. Darker the color, more her husband will love her. On this day, women folk sing traditional songs with Dholak beats while wishing for a happy, peaceful and prosperous marital life to the bride post her marriage.

Mehandi continues to be an integral part of Bridal Makeup and every wedding household celebrates this ceremony with much fun and pleasure.

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