Thursday, 18 February 2016

7 Tips to Get Thick Lustrous Hair

Best hair growth tips
It is the dream of every woman to have long, thick gorgeous hair. That not only gives her many options to style and groom her persona but also provides extra elegance to her. She can play out with many options in her Bridal Hair Style to come out with a new personality altogether.  Any woman with healthy, shiny, long, thick hair commands more praise & attention in our society as this surely happens to add to her overall beauty traits. She easily becomes the cynosure of all eyes around.

Long Hair
Your health level is primarily determined with your skin, nails and hair instantly. In case your hair have started thinning or have brittle effect then you need to do more care on their nourishment. Like any other part of our body, hair also have direct relationship with our diet, stress level, pollution, smoking and any extra exposure to chemicals etc. A loss of about 100 strands of hair daily is no problem but anything above is a signal needing some extra care.
Thick Hair

Many woman can have Long and Lustrous Hair  on account of hereditary gift. If their mother and grand- mothers have had thick, long and shiny hair, they can also be lucky enough to get desired genes. This cannot be said to be a myth. Still, one can get positive results similarly if a bit of extra care and attention is paid. Better diet, handling and maintenance can do wonders and give you amazing results.
Shiny Hair
A few Tips can make all the difference which are also not too difficult to follow:
1. Oil once a week:  Certain oils viz. Castor, almond and olive oil are really good nutrients for your hair. These oils have requisite vitamins giving more sheen, volume and growth to the hair.
2. Trim your hair often:  The pace of growth gets boost if you keep on trimming your hair frequently, say every month or so. If there is a big gap in the next trim, then your hair can have split ends causing growth.
Thick braids

3. Restrict Shampooing : Too much of shampoo robs of natural oils from your scalp. Those essential oils otherwise help in keeping your hair softer and nourish to better health. Twice a week shampooing is reasonable to keep them well away from dirt.
4. Minimise Hair Dryer usage: Never ever use hair dryer on wet hair. First dry hair immediately after a wash and then go for hair dryer.
5. Massage your scalp daily: Give a daily soft massage to your hair for at least 5 minutes. It could be a dry or oily massage using soft pressure with your finger pours.
Diet for Hair

6. Watch your diet: If you have nutritious and vitamin rich diet, Be rest assured to have lively hair growth in line with your desire. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body properly hydrated.
7. Curd & Honey: Make a mix of curd and honey and put it as a mask on the hair. That will prevent hair loss and result in promoting their growth.
Bridal Hair care Tips

So, get Thick, Long, Shiny and Lustrous Hair by following above 7 Tips to have Best Bridal Makeup for your wedding. 

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